Who Will Bomb More?

I am wondering what kind of awful foreign policy Trump will have. It’s bad so far but to be frank, how many wars will he start? How many will he escalate?

It’s deeply ironic (and quite frankly fucked up) that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize. Granted he got it before he started five more wars. And we know the United States went from two wars to SEVEN under Obama.

Looking up when Obama started these wars, I found the following:

  • Syria – September 22, 2014
  • Libya – March 19, 2011
  • Yemen – circa March 2015
  • Somalia – circa September 2016
  • Pakistan – started before with Bush but severely escalated under Obama

I looked more into the war (or bombing) of Pakistan. I found some interesting stuff on Wikipedia concerning the number of drone strikes. And since I’m all about the numbers and facts, we found that Obama has droned Pakistan 373 times during his presidency. Trump has only droned Pakistan five times this year (numbers as of September 17, 2017).

Calculating it out, every day Obama was in office he has droned Pakistan roughly 0.12 times. Trump had been in office 240 days on September 17, 2017. Doing the math, Obama at the same point (240 days) of his presidency, he droned Pakistan 30.65 times. Take this and compare it to Trump’s only five times.

It’s so sad the United States has started so many wars and has bombed so many countries. Our tax dollars are going to bombing poor people rather than fixing us.

I thought Obama was going to be a peace president but, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. There’s not much proof Trump will be a good president as far as foreign policy and starting wars goes either but these numbers make me hopeful. He hasn’t started any wars yet.

Don’t Blame Me For Trump

I remember protesting in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention. I protested at the wall(s) they set up to keep us out. I remember yelling and screaming at the top of my lungs to Hillary delegates, “YOU JUST ELECTED TRUMP!”

I didn’t want to be right. I thought for the longest time Hillary was going to win. I’m still in disbelief.

Me in Philadelphia holding a sign that says don't blame me for Trump

We Can Finally Unite Now 2016

I know most people are feeling horrible, angry, sad, terrified, etc about the United States just electing Donald Trump. I’m trying to find a silver lining.

After the primary the democrats “tried” to unite us behind Hillary Clinton. However a lot of us progressives refused to unite behind the corrupt democratic party and its chosen candidate due to all the shit they did in the primaries against Bernie Sanders. And I’ve blogged before how the DNC treated Berners at the convention and all the road blocks they threw up to choose Hillary instead of Bernie. Myself and a lot of other progressives I know could no longer stand being a democrat.

But now we have something that draws us together; stopping everything Donald Trump wants to do. Democrats can finally own up and change their positions on the failed right-wing policies the Clinton’s and their donors got them into supporting. They can now stand up against the TPP, against war, against DAPL, against deregulation, against mass surveillance etc. These are all things the democratic AND republican parties were for (hence why progressives had to fight democrats).

Now that Donald Trump is elected, the neoliberal stances that the democrats adopted can now be discarded. Democrats no longer have to support (or pretend to support) something so God awful like the TPP just because Obama was for it. Hopefully this election woke people up.

I have my allies back! We can join together to protest everything bad Trump tries to do. We can protest if he tries to get us into war. (Something told me that if Hillary wanted to start a war, not many of my liberal friends would be by my side in trying to stop it.) We will be against everything bad that Trump wants to do.

And who knows? We may even be surprised what power we can hold now we have a common enemy. Richard Nixon ended the war in Vietnam, started the EPA, introduced health care, etc… all liberal ideas.

It needed to reach a boiling point. With Trump we might have that boiling point.

But now is the time to organize and plan and protest and get involved. Now is the time to rebuild the democratic party to what it was originally for: the working class. Let’s do this!