Time For Hillary To Step Down

Tomorrow night, the super delegates have given what Hillary Clinton wanted, a chance to finish out the primaries. Tomorrow night she should step down and admit defeat.

When every state has completed voting, the time has come. Hillary can not claim anything anymore. Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee. She can not argue popular vote, she can not make any more cases for super delegates, she will have lost. She should graciously exit.

She’s holding an election night celebration tomorrow night in New York, the perfect time for her to admit defeat. She put on a good fight but now, finally, it is time to admit it and reunite the party before the convention in order to beat the Republicans in the fall.

Hillary, my dear, it’s time to go. Your unwillingness to concede has cost us a lot of time, voters, and media attention. This attention could have been focusing on John McCain’s numerous Iraq mistakes, giving our party a better shot. I thank you for playing but the time has come. You ran a good campaign and should be proud to be the first woman to get this far in a presidential race. You should feel really good about what you’ve accomplished. You have the respect of millions of Americans. Please, don’t take advantage of that. Please, do the right thing. You still have a large voice in the Senate. Do what’s right, even with that much power, you still make a difference everyday. You should be proud, Hill-dawg.

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  1. I would love for this to be true, but I half-expect her to use the gathering to announce that she is “suspending” her campaign. Then we will see trickles of news about her filing complaints with the credentials committee, still working superdelegates, etc.

    It really isn’t over until she says it is.

    But, I’m HOPING she’ll step down for the good of the country.

    And I’ve sort-of come to terms with her being Obama’s running mate.

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