McCain’s Support For Our Troops & The Media

It made me outraged that McCain released a load of garbage ad against Obama that’s full of nothing but falsehoods.

It is true that Obama cancelled his visit with the troops but not because the center “wouldn’t allow cameras”. Obama was afraid that visiting the troop hospital would make it look like a campaign prop. In fact the footage used in the ad was of Obama playing basketball WITH THE TROOPS. Chuck Hagel even thinks the ad is inappropriate!

The ad also states that Obama doesn’t support the troops and McCain does. Well I found an article that compiled all the work for me on that one.

The ads McCain releases and what McCain says totally contradicts truth in some matters. It seems the media is giving McCain free passes. They don’t bother to fact check him. He claims he supports the troops when it’s clear he doesn’t. Look at his record, it speaks for itself.

McCain is banking on the media not paying attention or waving off his little misspeaks and gaffes; and it’s worked out so far for him. I’m compiling a list of gaffes McCain has made since the start of his campaign. I will be posting it in the upcoming weeks, or I just might wait until the election since I’m sure there will be many many more up until then.

Bottom line, the media really needs to make more of this and not let McCain get away with whatever he says that is false. We need fact checking here. And people need to stop believing every word that comes out of these politicians mouths. Do your fact checks, the media obviously isn’t going to do it for you since they apparently have their own agenda.

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