How To Organize Things

I’m having O C D troubles with the way I organize things online.

As most of you know, I use Facebook all the time at work. However, I don’t want my entire internet life to be centered around Facebook.

I want everything to import into Facebook so I won’t have to ever log into it, basically. Here’s the stuff I currently have/want out on the internet:

  • Twitter (status updates) – My tweets updated. Facebook works with Twitter so this is fine. It updates my status. My tweets can be accessed outside by anyone.
  • Twitxr (photo updates) – I send photos to Twitxr, just random photos. I want more than this, though. I was looking into Flickr but there’s no good apps on Facebook to import all the pictures actually INTO Facebook so I can tag people. Twitxr does everything I want it to do but it’s single picture. Need to investigate more on this Flickr thing, but the app for Facebook doesn’t allow people to be tagged in photos. And what about my blog photos?
  • Digg (news articles) – Updates on Facebook. People can access what I’ve dugg online. This is great.
  • Youtube (my videos) – Facebook hasn’t come out with a good app for this that I’ve seen yet. It’s all “your favorite videos”. I want an app that will automatically import my videos into Facebook or something like that. Youtube itself is okay since anyone can access it. I just need to link to it.
  • Blog (my two blogs) – Currently I have this blog importing into Facebook. I want to change this because people comment on Facebook when I don’t want them to. I’d rather keep it outside with it automatically importing comments or vice versa. Also, this sucks because when I make changes to my blog it doesn’t update the post in Facebook. It’s just an import. I need to find an app that lets me do what I want to do with LIVE UPDATING. This is going to get dicey when it comes time to do my weekly Football Predictions.
  • About Me stuff – On Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, etc always has these little “about me” sections. I want a feature on something where it updates all these “about me” sections, etc automatically on everything. Right now I just have it linking to a page on my website. I should talk to someone I know about this idea…

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