A Few Comments On The Economic Activity/Political News

Well since McCain “suspended” his campaign last Wednesday, I wonder if he bothered announcing that he unsuspended it. It seems his time in Washington is a complete waste as he said nothing and proposed nothing during the big White House meeting Thursday.

“I came back because I wasn’t going to phone it in.”

McCain said this week. However, he did just that with his time in Washington. He spent the weekend on the phone, something he could have done anywhere. I’m wondering, did he actually do ANYTHING helpful to solve this problem? I didn’t hear any proposals or anything from him. I thought his whole point of “suspending his campaign” was to get this thing fixed. Is it? No.

In other news, a lot of rally’s were held to protest the bailouts, which makes me happy. It’s good to see people taking time to gather and state what they believe in. We need more of this, we need more riots.

Barack Obama has gotten more of my vote (if that’s possible) for him wanting the FDIC to raise the limit. For years I’ve said the limit should be raised because $100,000 isn’t worth nearly as much as it was when the limit was set. It seems McCain is also for it, which also makes me happy.

Last comment, I find it really disgusting that the house Republicans would play politics and blame Pelosi for making a partisan speech (aren’t they all partisan?) that supposedly “poisoned” their position on the bill or whatever. The real reason, I’m sure, is that Republican’s don’t believe in bailouts, why they don’t state that’s the reason we’ll never know. However, to blame a speech… and not only that, saying a speech pissed you off so much so you don’t do what’s right for our country… that really says something.

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  1. House Republicans don’t believe in the bailout for a lot of the same reasons most Americans don’t. Also, take a look at the breakdown of NAY votes from people on both sides of the aisle that are in vulnerable seats this election cycle: http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/2008/09/swing-district-congressmen-doomed.html

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