CNN Republican Debate June 2011

  • Let’s see how much further to the right these rich white dudes can go. #HowLowCanYouGo #RepublicanDebate 8:00 PM EST
  • “Obama Depression”? Hello? It started during Bush. 8:03 PM EST
  • I’m just going to be pissed off all night. #RepublicanDebate 8:08 PM EST
  • So extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy wasn’t one thing right with the economy? 8:14 PM EST
  • What a great story! Loss of jobs, an economic crisis, the biggest wealth inequality in history… Wow! 8:24 PM EST
  • We’re already the lowest corporate tax rate! And the EPA? From job killing to people killing! 8:29 PM EST
  • Thousands of blue collar jobs would have been lost, not to mention the US NOT having an auto industry if we didn’t do the auto bailout. 8:40 PM EST
  • So the poor states should deal with their own hurricanes and tornadoes. Brilliant! You just alienated most of your base. 8:51 PM EST
  • If you “stand for life” how come you don’t want poor people to have health insurance? #CNNDebate  9:27 PM EST
  • So whether or not you’re a US citizen should be turned on to the states? Really? #CNNDebate 9:32 PM EST
  • I learned that whenever you can’t think of a good answer to a question, blame Obama or say “give power to the states”. #CNNDebate 10:02 PM EST

Regarding Anthony Weiner

It goes without saying that I’m pretty upset about this whole situation with Anthony Weiner. He is one of my favorite congressmen. I believe he truly has the best intentions for America and I feel I can trust him (yes, even after all those photos and chats). I believe him to be one of the few good guys.

I think the media has blown this thing way out of proportion. Congressman Weiner didn’t have sex with anyone. Nor did he break any laws (of course pending the 17 year old girl investigation).

His district is smart. His district doesn’t want him to go. They know him to fight. He’s one of the only ones who actually fight for progressive values and what’s right.

I think it’s wise of him to take a leave of absence and get his shit together before continuing representing people. His personal life obviously needs to get in order before he can properly continue the fine job he’s doing.

I’m just really upset this had to happen and very upset at the media for making it a circus. The likes of David Vitter (who actually broke laws) is still in Congress. No high ranking Republican officials asked for his resignation.

Maybe if the media wasn’t so stupid and if American’s weren’t so obsessed with sex they’d actually report on things that matter, like the debt ceiling.

No Wonder This Country Is In Such Bad Shape

Yet another gem from one of my Republican friends:

If people really believe that these are our biggest problems, no wonder this country is in such bad shape.

Thoughts On Osama bin Laden

It cost the United States $1.2 trillion dollars, ten years, and over 900,000 deaths to finally get Osama bin Laden. Granted not all of the money or treasure was used just to get him. We spent needlessly in places where he was not and for reasons that don’t make any sense.

Now that he’s dead, who won? We as Americans are still scared. We still have to go through full body scans and shoe checks at the airport. We still have the Patriot Act which takes away our rights as Americans if we were to be called a terrorist. We still torture. We still have Gitmo opened. We still have two wars going on that had nothing to do with bin Laden.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and basically everything we did post 9/11, we made al Qaeda stronger. Instead of one big branch, they separated. Store owners, ordinary citizens, and people who have nothing to do with bin Laden can be al Qaeda. They saw us steamroll into their country, killing their people; we breed that hate. We responded to their violence with more violence.

I do have to point out, I appreciate how they buried bin Laden at sea, like an Islamic funeral; instead of lord knows what some people in this country would have preferred.

However, I’m sure us cheering in every major city in the US that he was dead angered some too. (Remember how we saw some Muslims cheering that September 11th happened?) Why can’t we be better than that? If we’re so “exceptional” how come we torture, how come we celebrate our enemies deaths? I believe that just gives them more reasons to hate us.

Re: A Barack Obama Report Card

I actually have a little bit of time today to catch up on some news. I read a Barack Obama Report Card and decided to blog about what I think his report card should be.

Political Identity: C.
I know who Obama is. I know his vision for this country. I just don’t see the path on which we’ll get there. So far in his path he hasn’t taken the courageous steps I had hoped he’d take. He needs to better stand up for the middle class and the poor. Instead he panders to the rich too much. He needs to go further to the left and stop appearing so right. In some regards, he’s further to the right than Reagan.

Campaign Team: D.
Where was his team during the 2010 elections? He should have had them assembled to help out his fellow Democrats. He did a brilliant job in 2008, but come 2010 they were no where to be found. I understand it’s not his election, but he still should have gotten more motivation out there to help out his party. We barely heard from him.

Leadership: D.
Like I said, he needs to stop giving into the Republicans. Where’s the leader I thought he’d be? This trait is where he needs to be more like Clinton and get it his way or no way. He starts with a compromise on everything. That’s no way to get what you want.

Attributes and Values: A.
I know what they are, I know what he wants to fight for, I just don’t see him putting up much of a fight. I would trust Obama if it was only him, but it’s not. He has to deal with people who want everything opposite of what he wants and stands in the way of everything; and that is killing his presidency.

Organization: B.
He needs to get ready to get in there again. Let’s hope he hasn’t lost so much of his base he can get them back. He needs to start to get the youth out there again and motivate them. They took him to his victory in 2008.

Position Relative To His Opposition: A.
If he took the time and explain to people what he’s for and what he wants, no doubt more people would agree with him. Like most things I debate with my colleges and friends about. Once I explain to them what should be, they agree (a lot of the time). I believe most people would see what Obama wants if he better explains it to them. Instead he lets the right twist things then we get “death panels” and “Obama raised taxes” lies.

Domestic Issues: D.
He still hasn’t done anything meaningful to get this economy back on track. He needs to concentrate more on infrastructure and America’s foundation. Health Care Reform was great. He also needs to fight back more on the budget cutting the Republicans want to do that will only hurt the poor and the middle class which will further sink the economy. Starting with cuts on the poor and the middle class are not the way to earn trust. Start at the bloat, at the top.

Foreign Issues: C.
He hasn’t closed Gitmo, he started us in another war, we’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan, our defense budget is still bloated. However he has drew back most the troops from Iraq, Libya was a success, and the world’s opinion of us has risen. If the Republicans want cuts in the budget, Obama should first suggest the Pentagon, of which if they were to audit would find billions worth of waste. Get completely out of Iraq and Afghanistan and we’d be amazed at how much more money we’d have for the real problems of this country.

Relations With Party Base: D.
I feel a little alienated by Obama. I think he has a lot of work to do in order to stimulate his base again. We’re definitely not going to go out and vote Republican, but I can see a lot of us sit it out.

Middle Class Suffering

I often wonder what the Republican idea is to save the middle class and to stop the humongous gap between the rich and the poor. Oh yeah, there is none.

From 2007 to 2009 (even with the economy being crap), Wall Street profits have gone up 720% while unemployment doubled and home equity fell 35%. The middle class is becoming extinct.

The top 1 percent of this country saw their income grow from 8% of the pie in the 1980’s to over 36% now. The top 400 income earners (400 people) make more than the bottom 50% of us. It’s because of welfare for the rich.

I am tired of the rich getting all the breaks. We are all suffering because of their greed and their hold on Washington. We’ve been sacrificing for them all these years; it’s time for them to make the sacrifice. They’ve gotten all the help with the economy sinking (bank bailouts, tax cuts). We’re the ones who need it, not them.

I’m glad people are finally raising up to it in Wisconsin and other parts of the nation. It’s time for people to stop voting against their best self interest and it’s time our politicians listen to the middle class.

Trip Tweets – NYC 3/4/11 – 3/6/11

Here’s the list of tweets from the NYC trip I took with Seth to see Stacy over the weekend.

Friday March 4, 2011

  • I’m in the Empire State! Let’s hear it for #NY! 9:48 PM EST
  • Having sushi… if it gets here. #NYC 11:15 PM EST

Saturday March 5, 2011

  • Saw 30 Rock last night. Great to finally see where Olbermann used to do Countdown. Also saw the line for #SNL tickets, folks just camping. 9:34 AM EST
  • Beautiful day in #NYC! Just grabbed brunch now walking the streets. 11:58 AM EST
  • Seeing the Addams Family on Broadway. 1:47 PM EST
  • Saw the Statue Of Liberty and Battery Park. Heading back to Stacy’s apartment then dinner then drinks. 6:06 PM EST
  • Had dinner at Vapiano’s. I think we’re going to go back to my sis’ apartment and play cards and drink. #GoodTimes 9:10 PM EST
  • Seth respects my political views! #win #awesome 11:29 PM EST

Sunday March 6, 2011

  • Had a nice breakfast with Stacy. Now on the bus back to #DC. 11:36 AM EST

Finding A Name

I’ve been running around stressing for the past two weeks trying to figure out a name for my freelance stuff since I’m getting back into that again. My first instinct was to go with whatever my friend, Dimitri, recommended. He’s good at funny, catchy names. He suggested a lot but none of them felt like it was the one.

Then we moved on to choosing names that described the company. We came up with a few good ones but there was always something or other I didn’t like with it. It was either too long or too forgettable.

Throughout this process I kept telling myself like one more day but then the next day came and I couldn’t choose. It was difficult.

The thing holding it back was like if it got popular (yeah right) then I’d have to register it minus the designs at the end and then create a Twitter for it, a YouTube for it, a Yahoo for it, a Facebook, etc. If the minus designs part was already taken, I didn’t want to tread on someone else’s name. Those were my real stress.

Today I had enough. I’d been rolling a name around in particular for like two days. I liked it but I was too worried about the above.

Finally, I’ve made my decision. It’s over. My web development/freelance website will be . I already registered it via GoDaddy (saved $23 by looking up promo codes) and DreamHost has already pushed the hosting. So it’s all good and this little debacle is over.

Thanks to all who helped. I should have gone with my first instinct. I realize this name is pretty boring and generic and probably easily forgotten, but in all reality, I just expect to set up another website to kill time cause that’s what I love to do! (Web design, not killing time… Hey that rhymes!)

So here’s a list of all the domains I have registered to date:

This post already went on for too long! The end.

State Of The Union Tweets 2011


  • Obviously Michele Bachmann wasn’t there when the Republicans read the Constitution at the beginning of the year. #TCOT #TeaParty 8:40 PM EST
  • Wow, what a leader. That’ll kick off my #SOTU and absence from tweeting. 8:42 PM EST
  • No one’s talking about Joe Wilson? Will he be gagged? #HeresHoping 8:50 PM EST
  • That’s the entire #SOTU, Obama shaking everyone’s hands. 9:09 PM EST

State Of The Union

  • Bill Maher said it best. The common ground seems to always be where the Republican is standing. #SOTU 9:15 PM EST
  • New jobs will come from China… and be there too. Where are those cars and computers made? China. #SOTU 9:24 PM EST
  • So we’re supposed to stroke research and development by not spending? Got it. #SOTU 9:25 PM EST
  • But when parents have to work 12 hour days just to make ends meet, it’s kinda hard to teach those good principles. #SOTU 9:31 PM EST
  • Wasn’t there a hiring freeze for teachers in most states? #SOTU 9:34 PM EST
  • Yes there are many illegal immigrants in our schools, but the DREAM act killed their chances of being citizens. #ThanksRepublicans #SOTU 9:37 PM EST
  • These other countries actually invest in their infrastructures. We should take a lesson from them. #SOTU 9:39 PM EST
  • Obama hasn’t even mentioned NAFTA or lack of terrifs which hurt jobs in this country. #SOTU 9:45 PM EST
  • Debt began a decade ago? Try three decades ago with the Republican hero, Reagan. #SOTU 9:48 PM EST
  • We knew he’d say it. “The state of our Union is strong.” When is it not strong? Why is it always sugar coated? #SOTU 10:14 PM EST

Republican Response

  • You didn’t cut spending a few years ago. Huge debts are due to Republican spending. 10:28 PM EST
  • And even more people would lose their coverage if #HCR wasn’t passed. And the health insurance mandate? A Republican idea. 10:29 PM EST
  • You thought endless borrowing was alright under Bush. 10:33 PM EST

Tea Party Response

Barely worth mentioning, but I’ll make a few points that I didn’t on twitter since the Tea Party Express website was slow:

  • So the economic collapse had nothing to do with failed Bush policies or lack of government regulation which helped to ship jobs overseas?
  • The stimulus saved jobs that would have been lost. That’s a fact. And the stimulus would have done a lot more if 1/3 of it wasn’t tax breaks.
  • Did I miss something? I don’t hear anyone telling me what light bulbs to buy.
  • Nothing was stopping businesses from dropping health insurance before, so why didn’t they? It would have been a lot cheaper.
  • I remember gas being a lot more expensive under that oil man Bush.
  • I’ll pay $100 million in government regulations if I can drink clean water, eat clean food, and buy safe products. Thanks.
  • We can start making things again when we reinforce tariffs and stop giving tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas.

Rat Crap!

My car is basically brand new. His name is Orion. He’s a Toyota Prius. I’ve had him about two years now. He has about 20,000 miles on him.

So I’m driving to work, like usual, I had just dropped Brian off, when all of a sudden my accelerator stopped working. I just thought, oh Prius! I tried to use it again and it wouldn’t accelerate. It then flashed warnings at me. Check engine as well as the big fat red triangle with an exclamation point (that means BAD). So I pulled over. I’m on 270 I thought I can’t break down here, I got to get to work.

I just restarted the car. The warnings were still there, but I tried to get it to work. I was like a mile away. I drove it as far as it would go then it stopped going. Oh joy! I’m in the middle of the frickin road! I call Brian and freak out on him cause he just changed the air filter last night, thinking he did something. He told me to call Geico, so I did.

They were really cool. They called a tow truck for me. For free. They said an hour, so I called Bri to let him know. He was on his way, he called a taxi.

I waited there, must have been like 20-30 minutes just sitting there in the middle of the road. A cop came by but didn’t offer any help. Got lots of honks. But I actually had a woman in a minivan stop to see if I needed help. Just thinking, man, people are not like what they used to be.

Anyway, Bri finally got there. Then a cop shows up. This time one who wanted to help. He said we should push the car over, out of the road, so we pushed it over to the side.

I hugged Brian and walked to work. All that’s left is waiting for the tow truck and then Toyota.

So Bri went to Toyota with the car. About an hour and a half later they diagnosed the problem… it was rat crap. Rat crap had gotten into my engine.

Apparently rats and mice like to live under cars at night. While they’re there they poop and sometimes chew through wires. No wires were chewed, luckily. Just the poop got sucked into the air filter and had a hole in that, then into the engine.

Weird, huh? The bill will be around $200. They had to replace the air filter (which Bri had JUST replaced the night before) and clean out the engine.

Crazy… Size_t will now be in charge of watching for mice at night.

2011 Resolutions

Alright, I’m setting more realistic goals this year:

  • Eat a lot less meat, including less seafood (this is gonna be tough! I’ll be blogging about this later)
  • Ride the scooter when I can
  • Host more parties and get togethers
  • See far away friends more (including the Tricia)
  • Snowboarding, master the bunny slope and the lift, turn left (I’m like Zoolander)
  • Go on at least two fun trips and a vacation (maybe)
  • Make more friends (always a goal)
  • Work on my Wiki
  • Don’t shop at Walmart
  • Get into better shape (either by Brazilian Ju Jitzu, running, snowboarding, etc, just keep it up)

Trip Tweets – Atlantic City 12/30/10 – 1/2/11

Here are my tweets from the trip Bri and I took to Atlantic City. We spent New Years there.

Thursday December 30, 2010

  • Had lunch at Chipotle, getting gas, and continuing on the road. 3:37 PM EST
  • Just went through a small, depressed town. I don’t know where all these people work considering the KFC went out of business. 4:49 PM EST
  • Checked in, relaxing, then hitting the comedy club. #AtlanticCity 6:03 PM EST
  • Front row for the comedy show. We didn’t get picked on too badly. I’m a snowboarder who smokes. Alright. 10:44 PM EST
  • Maybe this city will make more sense in the day… and when the alcohol is gone. #atlanticcity 10:56 PM EST

Friday December 31, 2010

  • Continental breakfast sucked. Maybe tomorrow they’ll have stuff. 9:41 AM EST
  • $20 to park? What do they outline their parking spaces with gold? I don’t think so, I’ll walk, thanks. 11:46 AM EST
  • Just got a massage. Now walking the #Boardwalk looking for food. These seagulls are like torpedoes! 1:23 PM EST
  • Waiting for the shuttle to take us into town. All you can eat lobster and seafood awaits. #NYE 7:02 PM EST
  • Just had probably the most expensive meal of my life. Lobster is overrated. 9:24 PM EST
  • The DJ here sucks. And it’s not because I’m drinking. Beers are hard to get here anyway. 11:22 PM EST
  • Alright, I’m getting crazy now. I’m going to stand up and hold my Bri Bri for the rest of the year. 11:58 PM EST

Saturday January 1, 2011

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! May 2011 be an excellent year. 12:01 AM EST
  • Ugh, biggest regret of the year so far is buying that pretzel. #2011regrets 12:20 AM EST
  • Ready to catch the bus to the Tropicana. Grab some lunch and walk around. 1:01 PM EST
  • Stoke up a deal to get shot glasses. They’re ridiculous here. 3:53 PM EST
  • Just got run over by some dude who stole something. I’m done with this ghetto city. #atlanticcity 5:15 PM EST
  • Won $17, which paid for dinner tonight. 6:00 PM EST
  • Third Eye Blind concert at Showboat. 7:06 PM EST
  • The bass is making the seats bounce here at the #3EB concert. 9:51 PM EST
  • I just guessed Air Force One just by the intro music. Brian’s disgusted. #GetOffMyPlane 12:32 PM EST

Sunday January 2, 2011

  • Continental breakfast and now on our way home! Puppies await! 8:50 AM EST
  • Going through a little town flooded with solar panels. They’re on every other telephone pole. #awesome 9:32 AM EST

Pics and story will be up, maybe tonight sometime. No promises.

2010 Resolutions Update II

I haven’t really been good about blogging about this. I see a lot of red from before. Here’s the final for 2010:

  • See Aunt Ruth & Aunt Janet more (not good at seeing AJ, but she’s so hard to get a hold of sometimes)
  • Eat less meat and find more things to eat that are vegetarian (found more pasta stuff, pizza, breads, shrimp, seafood)
  • Get Candi off the cone (we take the cone off at night and she’s doing fine without it, so long as we’re home)
  • Settle Dad’s estate (not under my control)
  • Fix the Camaro and paint it (done)
  • *you know*
  • Ride the scooter to work (since I switched jobs I don’t get to do this, it’s winter as well, in spring I’ll break Tobey out again)
  • Host at least three parties (I think we had 1, mini parties, sure)
  • Snowboarding, master the bunny slope and be able to get off the lift without falling (this season)
  • Donate money to charity (I did and then my family needed a loan, sigh)
  • Go on vacation and take more weekend breaks (Atlantic City for NYE)
  • Get better at debating (totally)
  • Make more friends (probably a goal next year as well)
  • I may delete my facebook page (eh, I’ll keep it)
  • I’ll be setting up my own wiki of my life (done, I just need to put more stuff in it)
  • Take more pictures… maybe… of parties I attend and stuff (new digital camera, droid helpful)

Productive year!

Boehner’s Crocodile Tears

John Boehner, soon to be Speaker of the House, has been crying a lot lately. However, judging by Boehner’s votes, he doesn’t seem to be all too sincere about the things he “cares” and “cries” about such as children having the same opportunity as him for the “American Dream”. Here’s some of his recent votes:

  • Voted against SCHIP (the program that provides health care to poor children)
  • Voted against the stimulus (which gave people/saved jobs, among other things)
  • Voted against the 9/11 first responders bill (which gave health care to those who helped clean up 9/11)
  • For free trade and trade agreements that made it easier to ship jobs overseas
  • Wants to cut everything except defense in discretionary spending (such as education, infrastructure, agriculture which only accounts for 43% of discretionary spending)
  • Opposes hiring more women and minorities
  • Opposes federal funding for health care
  • Voted against the DREAM Act (which would give children who were brought here at a young age a path to citizenship)
  • Opposes amnesty and a path for undocumented workers becoming citizens
  • Voted against modifying bankruptcy laws (which would have avoided foreclosures)
  • For cutting education (also voted against grants for minority colleges and green public schools)
  • Voted against HCR (which had laws against children and people being denied health care due to preexisting conditions, among many other things)
  • Voted for spending that ran up the national debt during Bush (which leaves the debt to our children)
  • Voted against middle class tax cuts

A very good actor, that tan man is.

Why Don’t People Wave?

Just a mini rant here, why don’t people wave anymore? I let people in all the time and none recently have given me a little wave. I feel so dissatisfied. Here I am slowing down to let a guy in and he can’t even take his stupid hand off the wheel for a second to give me any thanks.

Sometimes I really have to go out of my way and slow down a lot and force the people behind me to slow down. And they can’t even wave “thanks”. People suck sometimes.

I would probably add some rant about politics too, but I have the tumblr for notes to alleviate some political rage. Debunking and other rants will still remain on this blog.

Why Season 5 Of Dexter Sucks

I’ve been out of it for a few weeks since the election. It really hit me hard. An overwhelming sense of depression, helplessness, and hopelessness for our country. I haven’t tweeted or done anything social networky in weeks.

I wanted to blog about this before last week, but I was hoping last weeks episode of Dexter could have changed how I felt about the show. It didn’t really, despite the two somewhat shockers.

This season of Dexter has just sucked. I kept searching for Dexter in the news and found an article today, finally, verifying that there WILL BE a sixth season. I have mixed feelings about that considering how crappy this season has been, but it’s good to know that the stupid cop guy (the one who Quinn hired) will probably not be the one to take Dexter down.

So I’ve compiled a list of why this season sucks:

  • No personal relationship with the villain(s) – In season 1, it was Dexter’s bro which we found out at the end. In season 2, it was Dexter himself. In season 4, it was Trinity of whom we had a known relationship from the start. Maybe we’ll know more about the Jordan Chase people, but there’s only four episodes left…
  • No twists or shockers – With the exception of the last episode (a tiny bit).
  • No character building – Are we just learning about Lumen the whole time?
  • Little emotion shown by Dexter – At least the first episode there was sort of emotion. I did like when he covered Lumen’s ears though last episode.
  • Little Harry involvement – I can’t remember the last time Dexter talked to Harry. He doesn’t even have flashbacks or anything. At first I didn’t like the Harry/Dexter talking, but now it’s an important part of the show.
  • Little time’s going by – So I guess we’re only like a month after Rita’s death? Shouldn’t Dexter still be grieving? Shouldn’t anyone still be grieving?
  • No one knows Dexter’s secret – Strike that now. Lumen knows but it wasn’t a shocker.
  • No cliffhangers – I hate cliffhangers to begin with, but this season has nothing. Maybe with the exception of last episode. There’s been nothing that makes me want to scream or tweet. Not Dexter like at all if you’ve seen any episode.
  • Previews don’t make me want to tune in – Seriously, I’m not thrilled like I was last season with previews. They don’t show anything that really make me want to watch or get me on the edge of my seat or wanting it to be Sunday even when it’s Friday night.
  • Julia Stiles takes away – Is it just me or does her acting suck? She was so good in10 Things I Hate About You.
  • Little problems get solved right away – Like with Laguerta’s money… solved by the end of the episode. Nothing’s lingering or coming back to haunt anyone.
  • No explanation of little things that matter – Like the dude Dexter killed in the first episode… what happened with that? Did he really clean up the body, clean up the blood, shower, change clothes, and get to the funeral that quickly? I still don’t understand why Paul’s parents (let alone anyone) weren’t at Paul’s funeral in season 2.
  • A nobody has gotten closer to Dexters secret than anyone else – Even Doakes didn’t get THAT close. Who the hell is this character of whom we know nothing about and who has nothing to do with any of the other characters. That blows.

Good The Dems Have Done, Get Out And Vote! Nov 2 2010

As promised, my list of achievements the 111th Congress and Barack Obama have accomplished:

  • American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the stimulus) – tax credits for home buyers, making work pay, etc
  • Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (health care reform) – ends lifetime caps, no denial for pre-existing conditions, etc
  • Student loan overhaul – cuts out the banks or the middle men saving over $63B
  • Increased fuel efficiency standards – 35 MPG by 2016 when it was originally by 2020
  • Overturned the EPA (Bush) ruling that California couldn’t set it’s own MPG regulations
  • Allowed federal funding for stem cell research
  • Expanded the federal hate crimes bill to sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Dismantling of nuclear weapons and limiting when they can be used
  • Withdrew troops from Iraq – did so three months before the planned timeline
  • Equal pay for women
  • Two Supreme Court Justices – two women
  • Car Allowance Rebate System (cash for clunkers) – statistics say increased fuel efficiency an average of 9.6 MPG or 61% for cars turned in
  • Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act
  • Increased federal regulation of tobacco
  • Set fuel efficiency standards on trucks and vans for the first time
  • Tax incentives to hire the unemployed

In these times we’re living with a global recession of this magnitude, of which experts have claimed would take generations to clean up, you have to admit they’ve done a lot of good with the bad hand they were dealt.

I’ve felt that extreme dislike for the Democrats; extreme dislike for Obama. But I realize, this list, this blog post, I could go into so much detail of each item and it would seem endless; and I’m sure I’ve missed some. These are just highlights. If you go into specifics about these, you really do see a great picture of the grand things Obama and the Democrats have accomplished in just two years time.

If I may ask, give them two more years. If after two years, things are still hellish, then vote them out. Putting the Republicans back in office would spell disaster for this country (as we’ve seen), and this time, it’s worse. There are so many extreme candidates in this race like Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, and Rand Paul. Lord knows what our country would look like if they get power.

Regardless, I plead with you, like I have before, go out and vote tomorrow, November 2, 2010. Even if you’re 100% discouraged by anything and everything, just go. Every vote matters and every vote counts. This nation is too hurt to sit this one out. Get your say. No one can stop you. There’s nothing to fear.

Quote From Bill Maher III

I probably have better things to blog about like the email I just got and had to reply and debunk, but Bill Maher had a rant which I felt needs to be said more (though not verbatim). He was talking about Virginia Thomas and that whole message thing, but it morphed into talking about Citizens United.

Because of the Supreme Court decision last year, which her husband ruled on, which basically negated McCain Feingold, in all this secret money in checks they say up to twenty million dollars from hedge fund managers, from fat cats; and people don’t know where it’s coming from. It’s coming into this election. This is a giant scandal which of course people don’t care about anymore than they care about Darfur because it’s not on Dancing With The Stars.

The Tea Party likes to coin the phrase “Wake Up America”, I think it’s true. But America needs to actually wake up to the corruption and propaganda and anything else they actually believe from an email, Fox News, or from a 30 second commercial. They need to stop watching their reality TV and get back to their actual reality and fact check and do research into their candidates before blindly voting. There’s so much unchecked money going into this election, and it’s not going to stop. Republican candidates don’t even care who’s putting up propaganda to attack their opponent, just so long as they win.

To try to encourage more turn out at the polls next week, I’ll be blogging my long list of achievements Obama and this Democratic controlled Congress has had over the past two years. They have been the most productive Congress since the 1960’s.

Helmet To Helmet & Other Football Hits

Last week in the NFL there were quite a few hard hits that knocked some players out. This week the league has decided they will start suspending players for these “dangerous hits”. As if the “Brady Rule” wasn’t enough, there will probably be more rules and regulations on how to tackle a guy who has the ball (that the refs can flag at their own discretion no doubt). It seems the league and Roger Goodell is determined to try for that 18 game season.

Let me just say that I find this totally disgusting. One of the reasons we watch football is to see good, hard hits. Most of the hits I saw in replays I thought were clean.

Take the one on DeSean Jackson. He WAS NOT a defenseless receiver. He had already caught the ball, made a football move, and got wacked. It wasn’t a dirty hit. The defensive player (Dunta Robinson) didn’t lead with his helmet. He slammed against Jackson causing Jackson and him to both go to the ground. It should have been a fumble since Jackson lost the ball. Both players suffered concussions.

I ask, what are these defensive players supposed to do? Slow down so the player with the ball can run right by them? It’s their job to tackle. How are they supposed to do it running at full speed without causing a collision?

It’s the game of football but lately it seems the league wants to make this flag football. With more and more of these stupid rules going into effect, that’s what it will turn out to be. Football is physical. If players didn’t want to risk injury, they shouldn’t play. They should fall back on their communications degrees. It’ll be sad to see all the players that will be suspended for hits refs can easily claim to be “dirty”. With that power, refs can have even more influence over games and scores.

And answer me this, how can a league who has an intro of a helmet to helmet collision (a rule which has been illegal for a while)  keep instilling rules and regulations on players who’s job it is to be physical?

Sharron Angle’s Angles

Thought I’d blog about things Sharron Angle has said since it’s close to the mid terms.

2010: Angle: “People ask me, ‘What are you going to do to develop jobs in your state?’ Well, that’s not my job as a U.S. senator.”

2010: Angle: “The Second Amendment is the right to keep and bear arms for our citizenry…This is for us…This is for us when our government becomes tyrannical…”

2010: Angle: “The Federal Department of Education should be eliminated. The Department of Education is unconstitutional and should not be involved in education, at any level.”

2010: Angle: “We needed to have the press be our friend … We wanted them to ask the questions we want to answer so that they report the news the way we want it to be reported.”

2010: Angle: “I’m not even sure where in the Constitution our federal government is supposed to be involved in Medicare.”

2010: Angle: “We need to phase Medicare and Social Security out in favor of something privatized.”

2010: Angle: “Whenever I say privatize I don’t mean governmental privatization. I mean actual free market privatization.” (When asked on if Social Security should be privatized.)

2010: Angle: “I hope that’s not where we’re going, but you know if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies…”

2010: Angle: “I’ll tell you the first thing we need to do is take Harry Reid out.” (In the same speech as the above quote.)

2010: Angle: “The whole point of an interview is to use it like they say, ‘earned media,’ to earn something with it… And I’m not going to earn anything from people who are there to badger me and use my words to batter me with.”

2010: Angle: “Not in my book.” (When answering if there’s any reason for an abortion. When asked to follow up on rape or incest she claims “God has a plan and purpose for each one of our lives.”)

2010: Angle: “No it doesn’t.” and “Thomas Jefferson was actually addressing a church and telling them through his address that there had been a wall of separation put up between the church and the state precisely to protect the church.” and “To protect the church from being taken over by a state religion. And that’s what they meant by that.” (All quotes when questioned about her views on the separation of church and state which arises out of the Constitution.)

2010: Angle: “I feel the same about legalizing alcohol.” (When asked about legalizing marijuana, she expressed her opposition and said this.)

2010: Angle: “What is a little bit disconcerting and concerning is the inability for sporting goods stores to keep ammunition in stock… That tells me the nation is arming. What are they arming for if it isn’t that they are so distrustful of their government? They’re afraid they’ll have to fight for their liberty in more Second Amendment kinds of ways. That’s why I look at this as almost an imperative. If we don’t win at the ballot box, what will be the next step?”

2010: Angle: “UN has been captured by the far left and has become ineffective and costly. The UN continually threatens US sovereignty, with endless rhetoric and treaties and it has not become the umpire on fraudulent science, such as global warming. The United States needs to withdraw from the United Nations and work solely with America’s willing allies.” (From her campaign website)

2010: Angle: “I keep hearing about Muslims wanting to take over the United States.” and “On a TV program just last night, I saw that they are taking over a city in Michigan and the residents of the city, they want them out. They want them out. So, I want to hear your thoughts about that.”

2010: Angle: “My thoughts are these, first of all, Dearborn, Michigan, and Frankford, Texas are on American soil, and under constitutional law. Not Sharia law. And I don’t know how that happened in the United States.”

2010: Angle: “I believe that there’s not sound science to back that up.” (Talking about global warming.)

2010: Angle: “I took a little criticism for it yesterday based off that I should find something good in that bill to save and there was nothing good in this law.” (Regarding the PPACA (HCR) bill of 2010.)

2010: Angle: “Right now, we say in a traditional home one parent stays home with the children and the other provides the financial support for that family. That is the acceptable and right thing to do.”

2010: Angle: “I was just saying that we are over regulating some of our industries and of course the oil and petroleum industry is one of those that we’ve been over regulating and that’s what has kept us dependent upon foreign oil and of course that dependence gets us into big trouble overseas and we need to not have that dependence, we need to come back and explore our domestic resources and take the regulation off.”

Other miscellaneous from Sharron Angle:

  • She tried to pass legislation (Assembly Bill 580 of the 1999 Nevada Legislature) which would have required doctors to tell women seeking abortions that there was a “scientifically reported link between an induced abortion and an increased risk of developing breast cancer later in life”
  • She favors the termination of the Energy Department and the EPA
  • She favors the termination of much of the IRS tax code
  • She favors eliminating Social Security
  • She favors the complete elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts
  • She equates the Holocaust with 9/11
  • She believes that American cities have been taken over by militant terrorist organizations who are running under Sharia law
  • She does not believe the Constitution mandates the separation of church and state
  • She voted against fluoridating drinking water
  • She believes rape and incest are part of God’s plan
  • She wants to put nuclear plants inside Yucca Mountain
  • She voted against enforcement of restraining orders from other states