Weekend Of 6/13/09 Update

June 17, 2009 – 7:57 am

Like I said before in previous post, we only got a month left. Our garage is currently being built in Rockville. I’ll be taking one of my sisters cars while Uncle George will be taking the other. Bri and I also began moving the tools we wanted into our basement temporarily until the garage is done.

I started the weekend by going through more stuff in the house. My sister started weeding through her stuff again. The guys (Uncle George, Psyco, and Brian) hit the garage, hard. They removed all the stuff from the attic up top and put it in a huge pile for the dumpster… at least the stuff we can’t use.

When I got done inside, I helped them outside in the garage. We got a lot done that day. We weeded through stuff and got rid of a bunch of trash and started a pile for the dumpster.

Dad's Work Bench Before

Dad's Work Bench After

When the attic stuff was down, Psyco and Brian started removing signs and the license plates from the rafters. With help from the car lift, it was easy for them to get up there. They also removed the Corvette hardtop.

Brian & Psyco On The Lift

Progress on getting signs down:

Date Started: June 6, 2009
Estimated Time: 2 days
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Brian, Uncle George, Curtis, Psyco, Janny
Status Of This Project: In Progress (the signs behind the camero & cuda are left, also a few we can’t remove)

On Sunday we decided to hit the basement and pool room first thing. Curtis, Brian, and I put all the wood into a pile and took down the scaffling. Psyco wanted the extra wood from all the places so we loaded his truck. We also made the decision to get rid of the attic since it wouldn’t be safe. None of the boards are nailed down or anything so it’s an accident waiting to happen. We destroyed the stairs with the tractor. YouTube video:

Progress on attic:

Date Started: June 13, 2009
Estimated Time: 2 days
Actual Time: 2 days
Players Involved: Brian, Uncle George, Psyco
Status Of This Project: Completed

Stairs Before

Stairs After

Progress on garage:

Date Started: March 2008
Estimated Time: 2 years
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Brian, Uncle George, Psyco, Janny, Stacy, Curtis
Status Of This Project: In Progress (most signs are down, need to put cars away, remove lifts, remove toolbox, remove other junk)

We’re also going to be getting another dumpster. We’re going to fill that up over the next weekend.

Progress on dumpster V:

Date Started: June 16, 2009
Estimated Time: 2 weeks
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Uncle George, Psyco
Status Of This Project: In Progress (junk in little garage is in it, as well as all the crap… literally… of the garage)

We have a lot to do this next weekend.

Nelson will be working on:

  • Painting the basement
  • Replacing the toilets
  • Replacing the kitchen cabinet hardware
  • Tearing up and doing the kitchen floor

Next weekend we should be:

  • Filling up the dumpster more
  • Maybe dismantling the rest of the club house
  • Keep going through the house, weeding out stuff
  • Keep working on the garage

Dad’s lawyer is trying to sell the Dorsey house. We already have an offer for it!

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  2. I just found your site. I was your Dad’s last college roomate at Berry College. I was very sorry to hear about your Dad’s Passing. What happened to him? We lost contact years ago but I knew he was still in Maryland. I’m stationed at Bethesda Navy Hospital and was hoping to contact him before I left.

    So much of what I saw on site with his house brought back memories from college and the good times we had and the stuff he collected. What happened to the car he had in college? I think it was a Cougar Covertible- Green with a White top?

    Once again I am very sorry to hear Roland is gone…when ever I think of him I always smile about something he said or something we did..like the annual daquri parties we had with Oscar Jenkins and Mark Jones in Rome.

    Take care.

    By Steven Stallings on Jun 18, 2009

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