Getting Rid Of Dad’s Safe

July 20, 2009 – 8:12 am

And now for the post you’ve all been waiting for… Getting Rid Of Dad’s Safe.

My Dad had this huge gun safe in his bedroom on the second floor of the house. We thought it weighed like 2,000 pounds. We couldn’t move it. We didn’t know what to do with it.

Gun Safe Empty

When Dad died, the lawyer had a safe cracker come in to get into it since no one else knew the combination but Dad. It took them three hours and a lot of drilling to get into it. They had to get a tiny camera to inspect where they had to drill to get to the trigger.

Anyway, we’ve been kind of just dealing with it for one and a half years, it just sitting there. It was a lot of weight on the floor. We cleaned it out and painted around it.

Now since it’s really crunch time with the house, we had to get rid of it. It’s not really a selling point. Who wants a huge gun safe in their bedroom anyway?

There were several theories on how to remove the safe from the house. The ultimate goal just to get rid of the sucker. We thought about cutting it and about hoisting it out of a window.

I decided to try a shot in the dark and put it on craigslist and listed it as FREE for whoever wants to get the crane and the men to move it. Someone bit within three hours of me posting the ad.

A week later, the guy hired some crane and moving company to get the safe.

Big Truck With Crane

The Safe On Polls To Roll It Out

Getting The Safe Ready

Lift Off!

Flying Safe

Safe Landing On The Big Truck

The Safe Is Gone

Now all that’s left to do is paint where the safe used to be. Also to fix the damage to the floor that the safe might have caused.

Cleaning out the Safe:

Date Started: Feb 2008
Estimated Time: 4 days
Actual Time: 6 days
Players Involved: me, Stacy, Brian
Status Of This Project: Completed (over the course of a year and a half)

Ditching the Safe:

Date Started: Jul 6 2009
Estimated Time: 1 month
Actual Time: 2 weeks
Players Involved: Uncle George, me
Status Of This Project: Completed

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