Weekend Of 7/18/09 Update

July 20, 2009 – 11:08 am

Man did we get a lot done this weekend! We set out with our plans being to clear out the whole house and clean the kitchen cabinets. The day before I bought a lot of supplies like Murphy’s Oil, Steal Wool, and rough spunges.

The first thing we did Saturday was remove the rest of the hardware on the kitchen cabinets. This task proved to be harder than it looked since it’s been there since the house was built in 1988. Some of the screws we had to drill out.

Drilling The Screw Out

Since we had gotten the safe out the day before, Brian went and painted where the safe was. Brian also finished painting the other places we needed.

Progress on painting:

Date Started: Jan 17, 2008
Estimated Time: 2 months
Actual Time: 6 months
Players Involved: Curtis, Brian, Wilma, Janny, Joe, Stacy, Kate
Status Of This Project: Completed

Area Where The Safe Was Before

Area Where Safe Was After

Curtis and I cleaned the kitchen cabinets as best we could.

Kitchen Cabinet Before Cleaning

Kitchen Cabinet After Cleaning

Some of the cabinets totally sucked. They don’t look much better. We figure the people who buy the house will want to redo the kitchen anyway since it’s pretty small.

After we cleaned and (in some cases) reassembled the kitchen cabinets, we put the new hardware on. It looks much better than it did. However, the hardware we got didn’t cover up the marks left by the older hardware.

Progress on cleaning kitchen cabinets:

Date Started: Jul 18, 2009
Estimated Time: 1 day
Actual Time: 1 day
Players Involved: Curtis, Brian, me
Status Of This Project: Complete

Some of the insides of the cabinets did not look good at all. The awesome sister I have had put in shelf liners before and bought some to do here. It looks a lot better!

Under The Sink Before

Under The Sink After

Progress on shelf liners:

Date Started: Jul 18, 2009
Estimated Time:3 day
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Stacy
Status Of This Project: In Progress (only like two more cabinets to do!)

Also on Saturday we brought Stacy’s bed over Robbie’s. We strapped the box frame to Curtis’ van. Quite a sight. Luckally, Robbie only lives like a mile away.

Saturday we also took everything off the hardwood and put it in the pool room. The entire house is empty except for a few places but everything is off the hardwood and it’s ready to be redone!

We also decided since we were done painting, we would put the old (some new) face plates back on. They look crappy so I think I’m going to buy new.

Furthermore, on Saturday we started cleaning the wood trim where we messed up painting.

We had several techniques going. Mom had purchased Oops for us, which worked pretty well. Curtis did his own thing with sanding and scrubbing. I tried rubbing alcohol which works really well!

I finished up the entire house’s outlets Sunday.

Outlet & Cover Before

Outlet & Cover After

On Saturday and part of Sunday, Brian and Curis put Dad’s door frame back on.

Dad's Door Frame Before

Dad's Door Frame After

Sunday was a continuation of Saturday. My sister did the shelf lining the whole day. Brian, Curtis, and I went around the house cleaning up paint.

At the end of the day we actually came up with the idea to stain the window sills. It turns out to be a great idea!

Kitchen Window Sill Half Way Stained

Looks brand new!

I’m going to be making a Home Depot run to get the following:

  • Cherry 235 Wood Stain
  • Paint Liners
  • A gallon of white paint
  • Outlet and faceplate covers

I will be returning to Annapolis sometime this week to do:

  • Paint Stacy’s bathroom ceiling (it looks too crappy not to paint)
  • Stain or restain the window sills

Hopefully, sometime this week we’ll have floor cleaners in the house to professionally clean the floors. Stacy is making the arrangements.

Very productive weekend. It’s FINALLY GETTING THERE!

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