Clean/Redo Floors

August 3, 2009 – 9:10 am

Since the beginning, we kind of knew we had to do something about the floors. The thoughts included just leaving them the way they were, getting cheap carpeting, try to do them ourselves, stain them, or hire people to sand them down and finish them.

We opted for the ladder.

We got the lawyer involved and he hired a crew to sand and finish the floors.

Doing The Floor

Dad’s room was pretty bad.

Dad's Room Floor Before

Dad's Room Floor After

The dining room was pretty bad, also.

Dining Room Floor Before

Dining Room Floor After

Some stains wouldn’t come off, but that’s okay. The floors look a lot better. They even did the stairs.

The only problem now is there’s dust everywhere. We kind of expected that. We need to do a big clean right before we put the house up.

The floors:

Date Started: Jul 27 2009
Estimated Time: 1 week
Actual Time: 3 days
Players Involved: lawyer, Stacy, crew
Status Of This Project: Completed

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