Random Update 9/5/09

September 8, 2009 – 1:00 pm

We keep waiting on our garage to get done. That’s what’s holding us up.

Over Labor Day weekend, we got a few things done, though. Bri put up the rest of the lamps and I got some stuff out.

Per Bri’s request, here are some photos:

Bri Working On The Lights

A Finished Light

Progress on the lamps:

Date Started: Aug 8, 2009
Estimated Time: 2 days
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Stacy, Brian, me
Status Of This Project: In Progress (need to box and take the others from the garage down, mostly done)

Whenever our garage gets done things will move fast. We’re going to put it on the market hopefully within the next few weeks when we get the cars out. Uncle George said he was going to remove the vette or a lift this week.

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