Sell Dad’s Boat

August 10, 2008 – 10:41 pm

As most of you know, we’ve had a hell of a time trying to unload Dad’s boat! It’s a really really nice boat but no one seemed to want it.

We called up a boat broker in May when the summer months were around. He took pictures and posted it on their website but no real interest. They said that it would take about a month to get interest then we could move the boat to their place so people can actively look at it. Well, they only generated two buyers that we know of with interest. None came to see the boat.

I got very frusterated and started listing it on Craigslist starting at $100,000 and going down.

After three to four weeks of relisting and relisting, we finally got some serious people. I got a lot of responses, none of what I was looking for in price but since it was then August, yeah, it was about time I got rid of it. I took it for a lot lower than what it’s worth but I think the guy will treat it right.

2001 Sonic USA 358 Speed Boat

Dad loved his boat. In the end, since it wasn’t driven in so long, the gas had gone bad. It needed $3,000 worth of repairs but she should be back and able to sail again!

The boat with its happy happy owner

No boat in the garage, where will we put stuff now?

Progress on boat sale:

Date Started: May 2008
Estimated Time: 5 months
Actual Time: 3 months
Players Involved: Brian, me, lawyer, Sonic Dealership, Uncle George, Ryan, guy who bought it
Status Of This Project: Complete (he picked up his boat from the boat dealer where we fixed it on August 9, 2008)

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