Big List

Here’s the big list of stuff we have to do:

Blue – done
Red – to do
Green – not doing

House Fix Electrical & Cut Loose Wires 10/25/09
Replace Face Plates (they’re in alright of shape)
Patch Walls/Tape Up 3/1/09
Kitchen Tile 7/3/09
Paint 7/18/09
Fix Dad’s Roof 10/11/08
Clean/Redo Floors 7/28/09 Check Appliances
Empty House 10/25/09
Fix Well Water
Disable Skylights (not worth it)
Check Air Conditioning & Heating (both work fine)
Take Out Cameras 12/20/08
Flea Market Stuff Gone 11/8/08
Mold In Little Garage 8/5/09
Clean Vents 8/8/09
Door Frame Of Dad’s Room Fixed 7/18/09
Empty Little Garage 11/10/09
Clean Out Upstairs 7/13/08 Clean Out Downstairs 10/25/09
Get Into The Safes 4/12/08 Get Rid Of Dad’s Safe 7/17/09
Clear Out Pool Room 6/13/09
Replace Kitchen Cabinet Hardware 7/19/09
Replace Toilets 7/3/09
Take out the lamps 10/25/09
Train Room 4/15/08
Clean Out Basement



Outside Take Down Driveway Lights 12/6/08
Empty Big Garage
Take Down Club House 6/27/09
Plant Grass & Landscape 10/4/08
Dirt For Hill 8/16/08 Fix Gutters (they’re okay)
Junk Yard 10/3/08 Brick Work 7/13/08
Fix Garage Wall 7/13/08 Storage For Cars 2/10/10
Clean/Power Wash/Paint Deck 10/11/08 Clean & Ditch Shed 11/22/08
Tire Pile 2/2/10
Ditch The Old Boats 9/15/08



Big Tasks Sell Dad’s Boat 8/10/08 Sell Charger 6/4/08
Get The Barracuda 4/26/08 Sell Marie Rental Property
Incomplete House 5/12/10
Throw Big Party For Everyone Who Helped Out
Dad’s House 9/8/10

Dad's Property