I want to thank each and every one of you who’s helped my sister and I out over the years with my Dad’s house.

I think we learned and did a lot over the years. There was a lot we could have done differently but I think for the most part we handled it well and thanks to you on this list, we just couldn’t have done it without you. This project was a serious matter and thanks to your kindness and your devotion and time in helping us, we are forever thankful.

Let me first start off by thanking my Dad’s lawyer. It was a rough journey since Dad passed away but he always knew what to do and he helped us get through it. Thank you for everything.

Wild Bill helped us with the whole ordeal with moving the shed to the Marie property. Thanks man, we owe you one.

Stacy’s friends and Megan helped us clean the front porch. Also they helped disassemble some of the clubhouse. Thank you for your time.

Nick helped us with a lot of the hell outside such as getting rid of the junk cars and cleaning up the yard. He was a real hard worker. You’re a great guy, dude, and we thank you.

Uncle George’s son Ryan M (my cousin) helped us out as well outside doing heavy lifting, driving the tractor to clean up the yard and get the cars ready for scrap. Thank you for all your hard work.

Mason also helped us out with the crap outside. He assisted in the car removals and yard clean up. You have our gratitude.

Brian’s brother, Joe C, and his wife, Kate C, helped us a lot with the painting of the house. Dedicating some of their weekend time to painting Dad’s huge house. Joe also did some other stuff to help us out with the house. Joe and Kate, many thanks.

My co worker, Dimitri D, and his friend, Kim B, helped us with trash removal on the hill. They also helped us organize the garage a little bit. Thanks for your help.

Friends from Frostburg, Tricia B and Travis B, came down one weekend to help us with one of the many dumpsters we got. Thank you, guys, we’ve been blessed.

Seth W really helped us out at the beginning. He was there to assist with the train room. He also helped us move wood, take down cameras, help with the safe, and pretty much what we needed. Thanks, man, you were great.

Uncle George’s sons, Patrick M, and James M, (my cousins) helped us pick up the trash outside as well as help dismantle the boats and put the junk in the dumpster. We love you both, and we thank you.

My Mom helped us some weekends. She was dedicated. So dedicated as to help us by weeding through trash for recycling. Thank you, Mom, we love you.

Dave helped us tear down the clubhouse one weekend. Thanks, dude.

Alan B and his sister, Loriel B, helped us one weekend by cleaning up trash around the yard. They also went down the big hill to pick up stray stuff that was dumped down there. Thanks so much, you guys were wonderful.

Uncle George’s friend, Crow, helped us with the leaky skylight. He also helped tear down the clubhouse. You were great, dude, thank you.

Paul H helped out one weekend with getting the heavy TV down off the stand. Thanks, man.

George Paul really helped us out with the garage roof and fixing the skylight. He did great work and it looks awesome and none leak thanks to his expertise. We thank you, George.

Curtis C’s wife, Wilma C, helped us with the train room in the early stages of this project. She also came over to help paint. She also did us a big favor almost every weekend and let her husband help us. I’m sure she did the chores he was supposed to do. Mrs Crider, thank you so much.

Since wives deserved to be thanked, too, Kim M, let her husband, Uncle George, help us nearly every weekend since the beginning. Thanks, Kim.

Dave the Scrap Guy deserves a thanks because of his hard work in getting the cars out. He really helped us stay afloat financially. Thanks.

Robbie W, Stacy’s boyfriend, helped out with a bunch of stuff we needed to do. He helped on weekends and sometimes during the week. He was also there for my sister. Thanks, Robbie, you rock.

Uncle George’s friend, Psycho, helped us out a lot with manual labor. He helped with the clubhouse, with the engine blocks in the garage, with the attic of the garage, with taking down the signs, and with the random things like cleaning the garage. He’s a truly special and nice guy and we thank him.

Nelson E helped us put in the floors, replace the toilets, paint Dad’s ceiling, paint the basement, as well as the kitchen hardware. He did awesome work and we give thanks.

Last but not least, I’d like to take a few minutes to thank three special guys who work tirelessly for this cause. My loving husband, Brian C, his father, Curtis C, and my awesome Uncle George. These three men were the crux of this project. They were the heart and soul of this operation. They busted their backs, literally, to help us basically every weekend. They were always there no matter what. No job was too hard or too gross.

Brian C, I love you with all my heart. You gave me and my sister the power to get through this. I can’t say enough. Your support and your kindness have been overwhelming.You’re always there for me, for that I’m eternally grateful.

Curtis C, you have been the best father-in-law anyone could ask for. You’ve been so kind in giving your time and energy into helping my sister and I every weekend. You did everything 100% and gave everything. We couldn’t have done it without your knowledge and your abilities. You’ve really showed us that family is always there. I love you very much.

Uncle George, what can I say? You went above and beyond the call of duty. You were the master mind behind this operation. You came up with the ideas on how to solve virtually every problem we were faced. Stacy and I would be lost without you. You worked so hard. You put off your chores to do ours. I can’t say enough. We are truely grateful.