Weekend Of 7/25/09 Update

August 3, 2009 – 10:10 am

I forgot my camera at Dad’s house the weekend of 7/25/09 or else this post would have been up sooner.

I wrote down a big to do list:

  • Little garage door trim
  • Paint Stacy’s bathroom ceiling
  • Finish staining window sills
  • Tires
  • Scrap
  • Little garage ceiling
  • Clean laundry room
  • Clean little garage
  • Touch up deck with more stain
  • Get Stacy’s Coke stuff out
  • Continue to clean up paint
  • Stain if needed the wood trim
  • Clean windows
  • Get plant that was growing on the balcony out
  • Clean the house
  • Fix the balcony

I thought this was a good enough list to warrant Curtis to help us out, Bri didn’t think so so my sister, Brian, and I went it alone Saturday.

My sister continued to do the shelf lining throughout the bathrooms of the house.

Progress on shelf liners:

Date Started: Jul 18, 2009
Estimated Time: 3 days
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Stacy
Status Of This Project: In Progress (actually changed to doing the entire house, not just the kitchen, estimated time should be probably 7 days)

Brian stained the entire balcony again. I’m really glad I made the decision to stain it again since it looks a lot better than it did.

Brian Restaining The Balcony

I proceeded to do what I wanted to do during the week but decided to hold off until the weekend. I painted Stacy’s bathroom ceiling and finished staining the window sills.

Restained Window Sills

Progress on window sill staining:

Date Started: Jul 18, 2009
Estimated Time: 4 hours
Actual Time: 4 hours
Players Involved: me
Status Of This Project: Completed (some areas may need another coat depending)

After I got done Stacy’s ceiling and the window sills, I looked around and decided that the train rooms bathroom needed its ceiling painted. It was a bummer because I had just put away the paint and finished rincing the brushes out. I did it anyway.

Train Room Bathroom Celing Before

Train Room Bathroom Celing After

My sister also cleaned the really dirty laundry room Saturday.

On Sunday we got Curtis so we hammered out a bunch of stuff.

I took care of the plant that was growing on the balcony. Brian and Curtis continued to go around cleaning up the paint mess. We also moved everything away from the hardwood floors so the guys the lawyer hired could sand and stain it.

I went through all the bathrooms of the house and cleaned the cabinets using the Murphy’s oil.

Train Room Bathroom Cabinet Before

Train Room Bathroom Cabinet After

In some cases, cleaning the cabinets didn’t help at all. It might have even made them look worse. However, they are clean.

Clean/Redo Floors

August 3, 2009 – 9:10 am

Since the beginning, we kind of knew we had to do something about the floors. The thoughts included just leaving them the way they were, getting cheap carpeting, try to do them ourselves, stain them, or hire people to sand them down and finish them.

We opted for the ladder.

We got the lawyer involved and he hired a crew to sand and finish the floors.

Doing The Floor

Dad’s room was pretty bad.

Dad's Room Floor Before

Dad's Room Floor After

The dining room was pretty bad, also.

Dining Room Floor Before

Dining Room Floor After

Some stains wouldn’t come off, but that’s okay. The floors look a lot better. They even did the stairs.

The only problem now is there’s dust everywhere. We kind of expected that. We need to do a big clean right before we put the house up.

The floors:

Date Started: Jul 27 2009
Estimated Time: 1 week
Actual Time: 3 days
Players Involved: lawyer, Stacy, crew
Status Of This Project: Completed

Weekend Of 7/18/09 Update

July 20, 2009 – 11:08 am

Man did we get a lot done this weekend! We set out with our plans being to clear out the whole house and clean the kitchen cabinets. The day before I bought a lot of supplies like Murphy’s Oil, Steal Wool, and rough spunges.

The first thing we did Saturday was remove the rest of the hardware on the kitchen cabinets. This task proved to be harder than it looked since it’s been there since the house was built in 1988. Some of the screws we had to drill out.

Drilling The Screw Out

Since we had gotten the safe out the day before, Brian went and painted where the safe was. Brian also finished painting the other places we needed.

Progress on painting:

Date Started: Jan 17, 2008
Estimated Time: 2 months
Actual Time: 6 months
Players Involved: Curtis, Brian, Wilma, Janny, Joe, Stacy, Kate
Status Of This Project: Completed

Area Where The Safe Was Before

Area Where Safe Was After

Curtis and I cleaned the kitchen cabinets as best we could.

Kitchen Cabinet Before Cleaning

Kitchen Cabinet After Cleaning

Some of the cabinets totally sucked. They don’t look much better. We figure the people who buy the house will want to redo the kitchen anyway since it’s pretty small.

After we cleaned and (in some cases) reassembled the kitchen cabinets, we put the new hardware on. It looks much better than it did. However, the hardware we got didn’t cover up the marks left by the older hardware.

Progress on cleaning kitchen cabinets:

Date Started: Jul 18, 2009
Estimated Time: 1 day
Actual Time: 1 day
Players Involved: Curtis, Brian, me
Status Of This Project: Complete

Some of the insides of the cabinets did not look good at all. The awesome sister I have had put in shelf liners before and bought some to do here. It looks a lot better!

Under The Sink Before

Under The Sink After

Progress on shelf liners:

Date Started: Jul 18, 2009
Estimated Time:3 day
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Stacy
Status Of This Project: In Progress (only like two more cabinets to do!)

Also on Saturday we brought Stacy’s bed over Robbie’s. We strapped the box frame to Curtis’ van. Quite a sight. Luckally, Robbie only lives like a mile away.

Saturday we also took everything off the hardwood and put it in the pool room. The entire house is empty except for a few places but everything is off the hardwood and it’s ready to be redone!

We also decided since we were done painting, we would put the old (some new) face plates back on. They look crappy so I think I’m going to buy new.

Furthermore, on Saturday we started cleaning the wood trim where we messed up painting.

We had several techniques going. Mom had purchased Oops for us, which worked pretty well. Curtis did his own thing with sanding and scrubbing. I tried rubbing alcohol which works really well!

I finished up the entire house’s outlets Sunday.

Outlet & Cover Before

Outlet & Cover After

On Saturday and part of Sunday, Brian and Curis put Dad’s door frame back on.

Dad's Door Frame Before

Dad's Door Frame After

Sunday was a continuation of Saturday. My sister did the shelf lining the whole day. Brian, Curtis, and I went around the house cleaning up paint.

At the end of the day we actually came up with the idea to stain the window sills. It turns out to be a great idea!

Kitchen Window Sill Half Way Stained

Looks brand new!

I’m going to be making a Home Depot run to get the following:

  • Cherry 235 Wood Stain
  • Paint Liners
  • A gallon of white paint
  • Outlet and faceplate covers

I will be returning to Annapolis sometime this week to do:

  • Paint Stacy’s bathroom ceiling (it looks too crappy not to paint)
  • Stain or restain the window sills

Hopefully, sometime this week we’ll have floor cleaners in the house to professionally clean the floors. Stacy is making the arrangements.

Very productive weekend. It’s FINALLY GETTING THERE!

Getting Rid Of Dad’s Safe

July 20, 2009 – 8:12 am

And now for the post you’ve all been waiting for… Getting Rid Of Dad’s Safe.

My Dad had this huge gun safe in his bedroom on the second floor of the house. We thought it weighed like 2,000 pounds. We couldn’t move it. We didn’t know what to do with it.

Gun Safe Empty

When Dad died, the lawyer had a safe cracker come in to get into it since no one else knew the combination but Dad. It took them three hours and a lot of drilling to get into it. They had to get a tiny camera to inspect where they had to drill to get to the trigger.

Anyway, we’ve been kind of just dealing with it for one and a half years, it just sitting there. It was a lot of weight on the floor. We cleaned it out and painted around it.

Now since it’s really crunch time with the house, we had to get rid of it. It’s not really a selling point. Who wants a huge gun safe in their bedroom anyway?

There were several theories on how to remove the safe from the house. The ultimate goal just to get rid of the sucker. We thought about cutting it and about hoisting it out of a window.

I decided to try a shot in the dark and put it on craigslist and listed it as FREE for whoever wants to get the crane and the men to move it. Someone bit within three hours of me posting the ad.

A week later, the guy hired some crane and moving company to get the safe.

Big Truck With Crane

The Safe On Polls To Roll It Out

Getting The Safe Ready

Lift Off!

Flying Safe

Safe Landing On The Big Truck

The Safe Is Gone

Now all that’s left to do is paint where the safe used to be. Also to fix the damage to the floor that the safe might have caused.

Cleaning out the Safe:

Date Started: Feb 2008
Estimated Time: 4 days
Actual Time: 6 days
Players Involved: me, Stacy, Brian
Status Of This Project: Completed (over the course of a year and a half)

Ditching the Safe:

Date Started: Jul 6 2009
Estimated Time: 1 month
Actual Time: 2 weeks
Players Involved: Uncle George, me
Status Of This Project: Completed

Weekend Of 7/11/09 Update

July 15, 2009 – 11:09 am

We accomplished quite a bit this weekend. We had blockage on what we wanted to do. It’s getting down to the end and I’m really stressed about everything so I can’t really think of anything to do.

Uncle George helped us weed through the basement Saturday.

Progress on basement junk:

Date Started: Nov 2008
Estimated Time: 4-8 months
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Brian, Uncle George, me, Stacy
Status Of This Project: In Progress (some stuff is still down there, the coke machines & some of Stacy’s stuff, and our Camero parts)

Bri & Uncle George Going Through Stuff

Also on Saturday I painted the broom closet in the hallway.

Broom Closet Painted

On Sunday we started a huge trash pile outside to start dump runs. Uncle George and Psyco cleaned out all the engine blocks and junk from the left front of the garage.

Front Of Garage Cleaned Out

Nelson also came by to hang the rest of the ceiling fans.

We got a guy to take the safe… tricky part is when. It might actually be this Friday, so I’d have to take off work.

I went through the paint stuff and organized what’s left of it.

The entire upstairs is empty besides the safe, the paint supplies, and some tools. The house is almost completely empty besides some chairs, some other stuff, Stacy’s NY stuff, and other random stuff.

Hopefully we’ll have the safe out of there this weekend so we can finish painting completely. We have behind the safe, part of Dad’s closet, and the hallway wall to paint. Uncle George patched the two walls that were busted on Sunday.

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