News 6/11/09

June 11, 2009 – 7:20 am

Well, we have a month then we need to finally put Dad’s house on the market. A realtor who will be selling Dad’s house came and assessed what we should do/fix.

Here’s a list of the big stuff:

  • New kitchen cabinet hardware
  • Remove the rest of the stuff
  • Take down the signs in the garage
  • Replace the outlet covers with something nice, not cheap
  • Paint Dad’s ceiling, at least
  • Remove the safe from Dad’s room
  • Cut (and cap) the loose wires that are hanging
  • Finish taking down the club house
  • Move cars over to our new garage (once it’s built)
  • Take care of the mold problem in the little garage
  • Put Dad’s door frame back on
  • Redo the kitchen tile
  • Clean the floors (last thing)
  • Clean the dirty/stained window sills
  • Replace the toilets

To achieve these goals, we’ll have to start working 7 days a week again. It all starts 9:00 in Saturday. Stacy and I will be talking to discuss what comes next in this big project that will hopefully be over in a few months.

Expect another update next week on this weekends progress!

Random Update 4/25/09

April 25, 2009 – 2:52 pm

Haven’t updated in a while. Haven’t been doing anything much over Dads since I’ve been studying to become a Zend Certified Engineer. Today I took the test and I got it!

But since this blog is strictly about Dad’s house, I’ll get right to it…

We’ll probably resume up there next weekend. We’re almost done painting the entire house and my sister and I are eager to sell it to get it out of our worries.

Dad’s house projects will be halted again because Brian and I will be building a garage where we live in order to take Dad’s old cars. This project transcends Dad’s house for now. The weather is nice though so our next project will be getting the crap out of the attic of the garage.

Stay tuned!

Random Update 3/1/09

March 2, 2009 – 9:36 am

The last few weeks we’ve been painting up at Dad’s. Wilma, Curtis, Brian, Joe, Kate, and I have painted the entire downstairs and Stacy’s room (one coat so far).

During two weekends in January, Curtis has painted the spare bedroom and the train room.

We’ve also been taping up a bunch of stuff getting ready to paint. The downstairs is all done with the exception of the closet in the bedroom, the half bath, and the coat closet.

Brian painting

Wilma & Curtis hacking away at Stacy's room

Joe painting

Spackling and patching:

Date Started: October 4, 2008
Estimated Time: 2 months
Actual Time: 4 weeks off and on
Players Involved: Uncle George, Janny, Brian, Stacy, Mom
Status Of This Project: Done


Date Started: January 17, 2008
Estimated Time: 2 months
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Curtis, Brian, Wilma, Janny, Joe, Kate
Status Of This Project: In Progress (touch ups, closets, bathrooms, Dad’s room, another coat of Stacy’s room)

The next few weekends we should be up there continuing to paint. We’re actually almost done. Another two days, maybe and we’ll be done. Just waiting for the weather to turn to get started on the garage.

Random Update 1/6/09

January 6, 2009 – 12:02 pm

I realize I haven’t updated this in a while. Sorry about that. Life’s been pretty crazy. We haven’t been working up there in a few weekends because of the holidays and my sister being unavailable. We should start back working there probably after the playoffs.

Bri and I are also looking for a house on the weekends. I have to get my life in order again before I can start back on Dad’s.

As far as my Dad’s house goes, we completed taking down all the cameras. Uncle George disposed of all the coke bottles that were around also. He also finished patching up Dad’s ceiling. Another raccoon is also back in the garage. We have the trap baited again. Also, we finished patching the walls. Maybe needs another coat or two of spackle.

For Marie, we decided not to go any further in fixing it until we can get an exterminator out there. That chore (hopefully) will be happening soon. We did clean out the shed for my Mom’s stuff. We also made a list of things the house needs.

One side note before I start the list of things we completed, Stacy, a bunch of friends, Brian, and I shot off fireworks after New Years at my Dad’s. I think he would have been happy. It was a lot of fun!

Taking down the cameras:

Date Started: July 20, 2008
Estimated Time: 3 days
Actual Time: around 5 days total
Players Involved: Me, Brian, Seth
Status Of This Project: Completed (spackled over holes too)

Disposing of the Coke bottles:

Date Started: December 10, 2008
Estimated Time: 2 weeks
Actual Time: 4 weeks
Players Involved: Uncle George
Status Of This Project: Completed (they are recycled!)

Spackling and patching:

Date Started: October 4, 2008
Estimated Time: 2 months
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Uncle George, Janny, Brian, Stacy, Mom
Status Of This Project: In Progress (need another coat at some places, other than that, all ready to paint)

Weekend Of 12/6/08 Update

December 13, 2008 – 1:03 am

We didn’t get much done because I finally was able to sell the exercise equipment on Craigslist! Excited about that. We also were able to sell the spare truck bed my Dad had and the lamp posts we removed.

While we were waiting for the dude to get the exercise equipment, we decided to fill in the holes of the lamp posts.

Progress on exercise equipment:

Date Started: August 17, 2008
Estimated Time: 1 month
Actual Time: 5-8 weeks
Players Involved: me, Stacy
Status Of This Project: Completed

Room is empty now

The lamp posts are 100% done now:

Date Started: Nov 29 2008
Estimated Time: 4 days
Actual Time: 4 days
Players Involved: Brian, Uncle George, Me
Status Of This Project: Completed (holes are filled in too)

Quicky on the lamp posts. They were built to last. See how far down the cement was? We had to take the tractor to drag them out.

Big hole

Brian dragging the cement stumps out

We need to work on Marie next week. Uncle George has been putting in the extra time during the week to getting the floor worked on. The downstairs needed some hard work with the floors and new vanity. The upstairs needs less. We are going to start on the upstairs next weekend.

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