Weekend Of 8/30/08 Update

September 1, 2008 – 9:18 pm

We didn’t have much time to do a lot on Saturday. We had my mom, Stacy, Curtis, Brian, and Paul there. We cleaned off the deck to get ready to clean it. We tried to get as much out of the cracks as we could. We also removed all the cameras and motion sensors that Dad had put on it.

Progress on camera removals:

Date Started: July 20, 2008
Estimated Time: 3 days
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Me
Status Of This Project: In Progress (2/6 down)

I will be putting stuff about the deck in its own post once we are done cleaning it completely.

We also took down Stacy’s mirror on Saturday. Curtis, Paul, and I also took down the T V that was still in the train room. Paul got Dad’s big T V out.

On Sunday, Brian, Curtis, Stacy, and I worked on cleaning the deck. It looks really good so far but it’s not finished yet. I worked hard getting all the crap out of the cracks.

Progress on deck:

Date Started: Aug 30, 2008
Estimated Time: 6 weeks
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Brian, Stacy, me, Curtis
Status Of This Project: In Progress (we’re still cleaning it, looks much better, need to finish that & stain & paint it)

Since Brian and I will be gone on vacation for two whole weeks, I will not be updating this blog.

I will be thinking of stuff for my sister to accomplish while I’m gone. Things I can think of off the bat:

  • finish the record albums she’s going through
  • go through the adjacent cabinets right outside the kitchen that I missed
  • help Uncle George with whatever he’s doing
  • help Curtis finish the deck
  • go through the pool room again, make sure we didn’t miss anything important

Also note that when I get back, we will be only working on Saturday’s since Sunday is football time!

Weekend Of 8/23/08 Update

August 25, 2008 – 10:31 am

Brian and I decided to get a later start on Dad’s house and slept in. That was a good break.

Stacy, Brian, and I just worked on the inside all day on Saturday. The first thing we decided to do was go through all the stuff we’ve been collecting on the porch of the pool room. We’re currently keeping all the tools we find there. We threw away a lot of stuff and put more stuff in the big pile for the flea market.

Brian and I also decided to finally go through Dad’s laundry room. That little room has been untouched since Dad passed away, basically. We threw away a lot of stuff and cleaned it out.

Brian went through the pool room better separating the Coke stuff of which we want to keep for now from the rest of the flea market stuff.

I went through many boxes downstairs and tried to figure out cords.

Sunday we got a lot done since Uncle George was there with us. We had the plan to get all the cars down from the lifts.

We cleaned under Dad’s old truck first. We had previously cleaned under there in the Weekend Of 7/27/08 Update post. We had to get everything out this time to lower down the truck. We also had to move the Barracuda. We moved it to where the extra truck bed was. We decided to move that outside. After the big clean and moving the stuff we lowered down the truck. It was tricky since the truck wasn’t all the way up on the lift. After that, we decided to get the Sting Ray down. We had to move the blue Camero first since that was underneath the two lifts.

After that was done we lowered the Sting Ray down. The Sting Ray is the car of which a raccoon got into and tore up the interior. We swept around there and decided to ditch three engines we found for scrap. We lowered down the red Camero next. That was a chore since a lot of signs and stuff were underneath and had to be moved.

Now the garage is much cleaner. All the cars are off the lifts, never to be lifted up again. It’s a good thing because the lifts were not mounted in, so they could become unsterdy.

Uncle George is going to have Dad’s old truck so that will be out of here soon. The ram will be parked across the blue Camero’s way (on the lift of where the truck was) and in the way of the Barracuda.

Lowering the cars down:

Date Started: Aug 24, 2008
Estimated Time: 1 day
Actual Time: 5 hours
Players Involved: Brian, Stacy, me, Uncle George
Status Of This Project: Completed (cars are down, truck bed and truck are out)

Brian had to run to his parents to pick up our cooler for Uncle George. Uncle George went to his house to get his car trailer to try to get Dad’s truck. I decided to stay and get stuff done around the house. We had several more boxes to go through of paperwork. I did that and went through a bunch of other stuff.

Progress on Dumpster III:

Date Started: August 16, 2008
Estimated Time: 4 days
Actual Time: 2 weeks
Players Involved: Uncle George, me, Brian, Stacy, Nick
Status Of This Project: Completed (Brian just needs to call them to pick it up)

Uncle George is also working on cleaning out the shed:

Date Started: Aug 9, 2008
Estimated Time: 2 days
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Brian, Uncle George, Curtis
Status Of This Project: In Progress (Uncle George is working to clean it out, the damage isn’t that bad so we will take it to the rental property for them to use)

Also, the junk yard is almost done. We only have four more cars left to get out!

Stuff we completed this weekend:

  • cleaned laundry room completely, no more laundry will be done
  • went through most of down stairs
  • went through all of deck of pool room
  • moved stuff around in the house
  • went through some records
  • moved all the cars down from off the lifts
  • Uncle George will be taking Dad’s old truck
  • cleaned a significant portion of the garage, ditched some engines

Next weekend it will be Stacy, Brian, Curtis, and I working around the house. My goals are:

  • get the T V off the stand in train room (Bri and I couldn’t do this by ourselves over this weekend)
  • put the tanning bed on Craigslist
  • spackle the rooms

Weekend Of 8/16/08 Update

August 18, 2008 – 1:14 pm

As you can see from my Ditching The Old Boats post, we chopped up a boat Saturday. We’re waiting for the letter of abandonment for the other boat. The dumpster got delivered Saturday.

Earlier Saturday, before Uncle George came up, Stacy, Brian, and I did a few things around the house. We took off all the outlet and light switch plates as well as anything else that would get in the way of spackling/painting. Stacy cleaned all of them with bleech.

Brian and I went to Home Depot to pick up some items we’ll need for the house. We picked up extra plate covers and spackle. We also investigated the wood we will need for Dad’s trim for his bedroom door.

Brian and I also measured the guns Dad has so we can register them.

On Sunday, Brian and I got right to work filling the dumpster with the trash we accumulated in the little garage. We also put the trash that we got from the side of the hill in there.

As we were filling the dumpster, we went through more of the little garage. Later on in the day Uncle George, Brian, and Nick removed the farm equipment.

We also decided it was time to break up Dad’s stairs he customarily made for the boat. He really put his heart, time, and effort into everything he did. Those stairs were built to last.

We put all the wood in the dumpster.

Progress on Dumpster III:

Date Started: August 16, 2008
Estimated Time: 4 days
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Uncle George, me, Brian, Stacy, Nick
Status Of This Project: In Progress (we’re going to put some more trash and perhaps some of the play set in there since there’s so much room)

We also got a game plan for next weekend. Uncle George isn’t going to be in town Labor Day weekend so we needed things to do. We decided to spackle and get the inside of the house ready to paint. Uncle George will show us a good way to spackle next weekend. Also, since Brian tried to get the Pace Car down and had difficulties, we’re going to get the other vehicles down since we have a lot of room in the garage.

After Uncle George left, Brian, Stacy, and I did more of the inside of the house. I rearranged the exercise room and took pictures of the equipment.

Try to make it look nice for when I put the equipment on Craigslist.

Progress on exercise equipment:

Date Started: August 17, 2008
Estimated Time: 1 month
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: me, Stacy
Status Of This Project: In Progress (took pictures, going to get more details from Stacy, put the stuff on Craigslist, Stacy wants the elliptical)

Stacy went through some of the records Dad has. Brian moved stuff around in the pool room to get ready for the flea market guy.

Our plans next weekend:

  • work on the inside mostly, Uncle George won’t be here Saturday so we’ll do stuff inside
  • Uncle George teach us to spackle the good way
  • get the cars down off the lifts in the garage
  • maybe dismantle some of the club house

Ditch The Old Boats

August 18, 2008 – 9:34 am

We were left with two abandoned boats. One could be in fair shape, the other just plain trash. We contacted the person who owned them but he wanted nothing to do with them anymore, apparently. So it’s our job to get rid of them.

We asked the lawyer for a letter of abandonment for the one boat we think we can salvage. The trashy boat we originally wanted to commence “operation get rid of boat” in which we were going to drive the boat somewhere late at night and leave it on the side of the road. The police would find the owner of the boat and charge them for towing and storage. Unfortunately we couldn’t do that because the wheels on the trailer were locked.

Our other option, chop the boat up and put it in a dumpster. Brian got the largest dumpster he could rent. 30 yards. We brought the boat over to where the dumpster was. This event was quite a chore since we wanted to avoid hitting Dad’s little pine tree. When around the dumpster, Uncle George and the tractor tore it apart.

Tractor tearing up boat

Of course we’re going to scrap the engine and all metal that we were able to get from the boat, including the trailer. The gas tank was a problem. It seemed it had quite a bit of gas in it. Unfortunately, there’s no place to recycle old dirty gas, so we let it drain on the aspault and let dirt absorb it.

We trashed all the boats and destroyed them all. The letter of abandonment or whatever wasn’t an issue. They’re gone.

Progress on ditching the old boats:

Date Started: Aug 16, 2008
Estimated Time: 6 weeks
Actual Time: 4 weeks
Complete Date: Sept 15, 2008
Players Involved: Brian, Uncle George, me, Stacy, Patrick, James
Status Of This Project: In Progress (done with the trashed boat, just need letter of abandonment for the other one)

Weekend Of 8/9/08 Update

August 15, 2008 – 6:11 pm

We did the boat guy on Saturday. He met us at 11AM at Dad’s house. We proceeded to the eastern shore to pick up the boat. All went well.

Over the last week, Uncle George hauled dirt to Dad’s house.

Lots of dirt

Uncle George had to get the engine out of the shack for his boss. It was a deal we made for the dirt. He cleaned the shack out a little.

Progress on dirt/yard filling:

Date Started: July 20, 2008
Estimated Time: 4 weeks
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Uncle George, Brian, Curtis, Alan, Loriel, me, Dimitri, Kim
Status Of This Project: In Progress (we need to get some top soil to plant grass, other than that, almost done)

Progress on shed:

Date Started: Aug 9, 2008
Estimated Time: 2 days
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Brian, Uncle George, Curtis
Status Of This Project: In Progress (got some metal out and the T bird engine)

Dimitri and Kim came over Saturday also to help us out. We cleaned up trash while Uncle George worked the bob cat to do the dirt.

We also cleaned out some trash from the garage, took down some license plates, and cleaned some around outside.

On Sunday, Alan and Loriel came and helped us around Dad’s house. We cleaned up more trash outside. Uncle George still worked the bob cat to do the dirt.

Hill with lots of trash

Stacy and I also went through the pool room a little.

Also, we found someone’s tree stand where they hunt deer back in our woods. We removed it. Uncle George is going to try to sell it or something. No one should be hunting deer. Especially not on our property.

We have a list ready for this weekend:

  • dumpster on Saturday
  • we’re going to break up the one boat and put it in the dumpster
  • test the street lights, if they don’t work, take them down
  • remove signs from the property
  • finish cleaning out the shed
  • make a list of light and socket covers we need
  • clean socket covers
  • the trim around Dad’s door should be measured to see if we can match it
  • measure the guns so we can start registering them
  • take old guns away, Bri’s co worker is interested in buying them
  • clean exercise room, take pictures of equipment to put on craigslist

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