Google Reader Not Working

Google updated Google Reader about two to three weeks ago. The interface is a lot different than what it used to be. Even on, they have a screen shot of the old interface which was a lot nicer and easier.

Anyway, I noticed that I couldn’t read any of my new feeds. If I had a feed that had more than one new posting, I was unable to scroll down to see them. I had tried everything with the new Google Reader. What’s more is that when I tried the new “Sort” feature from the dropdown, it would freeze and not do anything. Here is a screen shots:

Google Reader only showing one result, no scroll option

After a few weeks and tweets about this issue I was running out of ideas and patience. It had never occured to me that it might be my browser. I’m still running FF 3.6 since I have a bunch of add-ons that still aren’t supported by the new FF 292834.

Switching to Chrome, I get a nice little custom scroll bar on the right and all my feeds are able to be read again. And I can even sort!

WTF, Google? Really? You didn’t test the new Google Reader in FF 3.6 which is still used by 8% of the population. And no warning or anything either that I may be using an out of date browser that can’t support your new flashy Reader. So now I’m going to have to view my feeds in Chrome. Does your IE7 crowd (3.5% of the population) get the same respect?

Come on, man!