Assigning Values To An Array Doesn’t Work In Included File In ASP (VBScript)

I have run into a lot of little issues with ASP that I can’t seem to find documentation on. I admit, I’m not 100% on .NET but I do know VBScript. The problem I ran into was with a configuration file I had set up so I can use constant variables throughout the website. I declare all my variables in my directory includes in a file named .

When I went to set up an array that I want to use throughout the website, cfg_media_types_array, declaration goes fine but assigning the array values throws an error.

Line 22:
Line 23: Dim cfg_media_types_array(4)
Line 24: cfg_media_types_array(1) = “CD”
Line 25: cfg_media_types_array(2) = “Floppy”
Line 26: cfg_media_types_array(3) = “DVD”

The error I receive is the Compilation Error BC30188: Declaration expected.

I’ve also tried different ways of implementing the cfg_media_types_array variable, whatever I could find on the internet. None of which would successfully compile.

Furthermore, I tried to assign the values of the array in a different scope (in different <% %> brackets). That wouldn’t work either.

Since strings have no problem being declared and assigned in my config file, I simply declared a strong with coma separated values.

Dim cfg_media_types_array As String = “CD,Floppy,DVD,Other”

When I need to use the string, I simply do a split.

' split the configuration media types string up to an array
Dim a = split(cfg_media_types_array, ",")
Dim b
' loop through the array
For Each b in a
          Response.Write("<option value=""" & b & """")
          If b = sw_media_type Then
                    Response.Write(" selected=""selected""")
          End If

          Response.Write(">" & b & "</option>" & VbCrLf)