Content After Two Floats With Spacing

I need to put content after a very specific float. There are a few floats going on in the banner of one of our websites. The first float is handling the left/right content. The other float is inside the right content and handling the alignment of the search and submit buttons.

We now want text to go underneath the search and submit button. The problem is just putting the text under these elements, it doesn’t leave much room for spacing:
there is no spacing after the search and submit button

Furthermore, it looks awful in IE:

The search and submit buttons move down and the rest of the content is towards the bottom

After trying to add a margin on almost everything in the box (which did not work), I added a height to the search area. The below content knows that it’s not big enough to fit in there so it breaks.

I could then give the search div a padding of 3px on the top and bottom. Now it looks nice in all browsers:

The text at the bottom has space away from the search field