Empty Region Displaying In Drupal 8

This is a strange one but one that’s been talked about many, many times in Drupal 8. In Drupal 8, if you check to see if a region is empty, it isn’t empty. You need to do a few things to adequately determine if a region is truly empty.

See these:


So, I would like to determine if a block is empty before I display it so I can put a Bootstrap wrapper around it. However, just using:

{% if page.left_sidebar %}
	<div class="left_sidebar">{{ page.left_sidebar }}</div>
{% endif %}

won’t work. To give some background, the region on most pages has a secondary menu (a left navigation). However, on pages where this doesn’t display, it would display an empty region even though there was no menu there.

At first I did:

{% if page.left_sidebar|render|striptags|trim %}
	<div class="left_sidebar">{{ page.left_sidebar }}</div>
{% endif %}

and this seemed to work! However, today, when I got to putting a webform in a region, it didn’t work. Striptags for some reason took out everything. Come to find out Webforms use some sort of “lazyBuilding” or something I don’t give a shit about. #stupidShit

Anyway, now my code above doesn’t work. But buried deep in one of those links above is this gem:

{% if page.left_sidebar|render|striptags("<drupal-render-placeholder>")|trim %}
	<div class="left_sidebar">{{ page.left_sidebar }}</div>
{% endif %}

This seems to work for the moment. If this turns out to not work later (which it might not for other needs… or in like 10 minutes when I find another issue), I will re-evaluate.

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