Inserting Data Into A Form Input Array

October 23rd, 2009  | Categories: JavaScript, PHP, XHTML

I’ve also struggled with this one for a while, off and on. I have a form that has several textarea’s. Their data is put into an input array. It is looped using a for loop in PHP. Ex:

// for loop in PHP here

<label>Data:</label><br />
<textarea name="data[]" id="data[]" rows="5" cols="40"><?= $data[$x]; ?></textarea> <a href="javascript:popUpWindow('popupsearch.php?frm=input_form&amp;fld=data[]&amp;select_multi=yes', 700, 300);">Lookup Data</a>

// end for loop

This is generated using PHP (a for loop). Basically, the user decides how much data they want and they type it in, or they can look up data. When they click Lookup Data, a window pops up with a search feature for them to search for data. They can choose multiple items to insert into the form. When they do, it closes the popup and inserts the data into the form.

Sounds simple, right?

The problem was with the array. My guess is XHTML doesn’t use arrays of id’s (yet). The syntax above is what I tried (and failed) to put before. The work around is:

<label>Data:</label><br />
<textarea name="data[]" id="data_<?= $x; ?>" rows="5" cols="40"><?= $data[$x]; ?></textarea> <a href="javascript:popUpWindow('popupsearch.php?frm=input_form&amp;fld=data_<?= $x; ?>&amp;select_multi=yes', 700, 300);">Lookup Data</a>

The id is no longer in an array. The name is what is actually used later in PHP to get the value(s), so there’s no rewrite of code on the backend side.

I read an article (or I heard) that in HTML 5 when it becomes a standard, they will be combining the id and name elements of inputs. That’s the only problem I can forsee with this code not being able to be used later. I’d have to modify this code and rewrite the backend to recognize each textarea as its own entity instead of an array.

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