Weekend Of 6/27/09 Update

June 29, 2009 – 11:44 am

Bri and I went down Tuesday and Wednesday to finish painting. Bri finished up the master closet and I finished the bathroom.

Nelson finished the floor during the week also.

Kitchen Tile Before

Kitchen Tile After

Progress on kitchen tile:

Date Started: Jun 17, 2009
Estimated Time: 2 days
Actual Time: 3 days
Players Involved: Uncle George, Nelson
Status Of This Project: Complete (tile is in, looking good)

We assembled some people Saturday and took down the rest of the club house. We also organized some stuff in the garage and took some signs out from the back.

On Sunday Brian and I went through all the tools on the pool deck. Stacy went through her stuff again and is getting a storage place to put it temporarily.

Uncle George got the phone booth out from the hallway.

Phone Booth

He’s going to try to sell it.

He also went though and removed/scrapped the car parts and stuff we had from the attic in the garage.

Stacy and I went through the signs in the basement and I took my share home. I also took the china cabinet home.

The dumpster should be picked up this week. It should be our last one.

Progress on dumpster V:

Date Started: June 16, 2009
Estimated Time: 2 weeks
Actual Time: 2 weeks
Players Involved: Uncle George, Psyco, Mr Crider, Janny, Brian
Status Of This Project: Complete

Uncle George and Nelson should be beginning to paint the master bedroom ceiling this week. Stacy should have her stuff out so we’re in pretty good shape for having the entire house cleaned out by this weekend. We can start looking for someone to come through and clean and sand the entire house floor.

As for the garage, our garage is coming along and should be done hopefully soon. We’ll be putting in the cars as soon as possible.

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