Weekend Of 7/6/08 Update

July 7, 2008 – 6:20 pm

We got a lot more done this weekend! It was a highly productive weekend.

On Saturday we completely completed Dad’s room!

Date Started: Feb 2008
Estimated Time: 6 months
Actual Time: 5 months (on and off, actual)
Players Involved: Brian, me, Stacy, Uncle George, Curtis
Status Of This Project: Completed

Dad’s closet is also done.

Date Started: Feb 2008
Estimated Time: 3 weeks
Actual Time: 3 weeks (on and off, actual)
Players Involved: Me
Status Of This Project: Completed

We got out some more cars, too.

Wagon on trailer

Outside, Brian, Curis, and Uncle George moved the cinderblocks and moved more tires and metal into piles.

Pile of metal

Uncle George also worked on the water dranage problem of the house. We need dirt in order to fill up the sides and even out the landscape. Brian called his uncle to borrow his Bobcat.

Saturday, Paul came around to help out, too. He helped take stuff down to the garage as Stacy and I were weeding Dad’s room out. He also went with Brian, Curtis, and Uncle George over to the incomplete house to clean up the yard. They took the cinderblocks that were over there back to Dad’s house.

Paul and Brian also did a Good Will run to get rid of a lot of stuff.

We had a good meeting to discuss what we would do on Sunday.

  • Stacy – clean up her room
  • Me – clean the bathrooms, bleach
  • Uncle George, Curtis, Brian – organize tools, backyard, stack bricks

As we left, Brian talked to the other neighboors. Turns out they run a business of buying and fixing houses. Welp, they’re interested in buying my Dad’s house and the incomplete house. That is awesome news! We just need to wait for the appraiser to get a rough idea of what we can get for the properties.

On Sunday, we did even more. I completely cleaned the train room’s bathroom.

Sink before

Sink after

And you should have seen the toilet! Gross!

Anyway, the bleach got to me and I had to quit the bathroom but Uncle George finished it up. There was dried wax in the bathtub that we scraped away.

I spent the rest of the time in the train room.

Train room before

Train room after

Just a few boxes in the train room now. It’s been done but now it’s like official.

Stacy did a lot of progress on her room. Brian also weeded through the books that were in Dad’s closet.

Brian and his dad also vaccumed out the woodstoves.

On the to do list:

  • Shred stuff (almost done this)
  • Go through a few boxes (there were two boxes we didn’t go through in the train room aka attic)
  • Take down the clubhouse
  • Dad’s roof (we made the decision to take out the skylight)

We’re going to be going over to the other rental house to see what they need Saturday from 1-2. We’re going to get a list together of what the house needs to be fixed.

The lawyer is going to work on getting letters of abandonment for the vehicles left at Dad’s.

Weekend Of 6/28/08 Update

June 29, 2008 – 5:09 pm

We set out to get a lot done this weekend and we did.

Sunday I had to work my first shift (real job) so we didn’t go down. We did go down Saturday and did a lot.

Brian and Robbie moved the rest of the basement stuff in the pool room. Stacy and I went through it later that day.

That area was full of stuff before we cleaned it out

Progress on basement:

Date Started: June 21, 2008
Estimated Time: 2 months
Actual Time: 2 weeks
Players Involved: Brian, Curtis, Stacy, me, Uncle George
Status Of This Project: Completed (we went through all the stuff, some of it we kept for a flea market, some we kept for sentimental value)

We completed Dad’s room! We got all the furniture out. Now just to go through the rest of the stuff in his closet and the stuff we have in his room.

Dad\'s almost empty room

Progress on Dad’s room

Date Started: Feb 2008
Estimated Time: 6 months
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Brian, me, Stacy, Uncle George, Curtis
Status Of This Project: In progress (almost done!)

We threw a lot of stuff off the balcony to make it easier. We threw the remainder of the heavy safe (everything but the door and the bottom) we got into. We also threw Dad’s wood rack and his filing cabinet off the balcony.

Youtube videos in this post when they upload!

*youtube video here*

The big things we need to do:

  • get the rest of the cars out
  • knock down our old clubhouse
  • the garage
  • sell the boat
  • sell the ram
  • sell the incomplete house
  • get the house ready to sell

In the immediate future (as in before fall):

  • knock down clubhouse
  • do Dad’s roof
  • finish incomplete brickwork around pool room
  • get dirt to bury stuff
  • plant grass to make the yard pretty
  • get people’s cars out!

Here’s who we still have to get their vehicles out:

  • Suzanne – brown Lincoln
  • Mike I – boat(s), blue van
  • Denny/Frank – black truck on trailer, maroon truck
  • Mom – Suburban, Camero

To do:

  • knock down clubhouse
  • do Dad’s roof
  • shred more stuff
  • sell vinal
  • sell or ditch coke bottles
  • put incomplete house on Craigslist

Our old clubhouse

Clubhouse, since we decided to get rid of it:

Date Started: TBD
Estimated Time: 2 weeks
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: TBD (Uncle George, Curtis, Brian, me, Stacy)
Status Of This Project: Planning (since we decided, it just needs to be done)

Weekend Of 6/21/08 Update

June 22, 2008 – 9:42 pm

I accomplished my goal of putting the boat on Craigslist here. I’ll put it up again in another few days when the thing expires.

We had the goals of:

  • moving more furniture
  • go through Dad’s desk
  • his closet
  • his cabinets
  • his bathroom
  • the closet in the hallway

We accomplished going through Dad’s desk!

Dad\'s desk that was full of stuff

Date Started: Feb 2008
Estimated Time: 2 weeks
Actual Time: 4 months (off and on)
Players Involved: Brian, Stacy
Status Of This Project: Completed (was put on hold but worked on sparaticly)

I went through Dad’s closet but I didn’t finish it all the way. I stacked all the books and threw out a lot of junk. We had already weeded through Dad’s clothes and stuff. It was just a lot of Coke stuff, records, tapes, DVD’s, and boxes in there. I have a few more things to do yet. We also have to get rid of the vinal (records).

Progress on Dad’s closet:

Date Started: Feb 2008
Estimated Time: 3 weeks
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Me
Status Of This Project:In progress (need to ditch the vinal and other stuff in there)

Brian and his Dad worked in the basement all weekend. They basically moved a lot of stuff from the basement to the pool room. Stacy and I need to go through a lot of it. I’m not really sure if its progress, but it’s clearing out of areas of the house.

Used to be full of junk, now somewhat cleared

Progress on basement:

Date Started: June 21, 2008
Estimated Time: 2 months
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Brian, Curtis
Status Of This Project: In progress (need to move more stuff and go through it, a lot of it says with the house)

I completed Dad’s bathroom. It’s all cleaned out. He kept his lightbulbs there and whatever I thought was trustworthy I kept (it wasn’t a lot).

On Sunday we started to shred. We gave up on the community shred idea because of the limits. They only accepted five grocery-sized bags per person per vehicle. Yeah, that was like one box to us. So, we borrowed Shawn and Jen’s shredder, we got our own, and got Curtis’ shredder to start the process.

3 shredders + 1 box + 1 day = not much progress

Progress on shredding:

Date Started: June 21, 2008
Estimated Time: 2.5 months
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Me, Curtis, Brian, Stacy
Status Of This Project: In progress (we have like 10 boxes full of stuff to shred, got one done today, got one for home, Curtis got (basically) two)

We only got done one box because the shredders kept overheating and I got bored really easily. However, Curtis took a big bin (the huge blue one) and we took a big bin so we’re going to shred at home.

While we worked inside, Uncle George and the neighborhood kids worked outside moving cars and tires and stuff. They got quite a few out last week and this weekend.

Old truck full of metal

Progress on junk yard:

Date Started: Mar 2008
Estimated Time: 6-12 months
Actual Time: TBD
Players Involved: Brian, Curtis, me, Uncle George, people who have cars up here, neighborhood kids
Status Of This Project: In progress (Uncle George estimates we should be done by end of this month, everyone’s cars need to be out by July or else they are going, for real!)

We worked outside some Saturday sweeping, raking, and seeing what else we had to do outside.  It’s coming along! Fred also stopped by to get his gas pump. Had a good conversation with him.

Stacy sold her Mustang to Uncle George. Good deal I thought. He’s going to fix it up and drive it. He took it Sunday.

We also gave Uncle George all of our old old kid play house toy thingies. Yeah, they’re old from when Stacy and I were kids. He’s going to give them to Nick’s sister. Awesome, we were probably going to throw them away anyway.

All in all a very productive weekend. We still have left to do:

  • put Dorsey on Craigslist (will do once appraised)
  • move more furniture (need to move the desk and bed board)
  • continue going through Dad’s closet, cabinets
  • go through the closet in the hallway
  • fix the bricks on the pool room
  • shred all stuff
  • get rid of vinal
  • get rid of Coke bottles

Weekend Of 6/7/08 Update

June 8, 2008 – 9:54 pm

Wednesday we made a special trip down to Dad’s to give the Charger to its new proud owner.

The Charger leaving for the last time

That was a hell of an accomplishment!

Date Started: Feb 2008
Estimated Time: 2 months
Actual Time: 4 months
Players Involved: Brian, me, lawyer, guy who bought the car
Status Of This Project: Completed

I really hope its new owner loves it like my father did. It is a really nice car! I will miss it.

As for the weekend, we had a few things on our to do list but it didn’t get done.

Friday, Suzanne called and said she just got the lawyers letter. Apparently he didn’t send them out until like last minute. Crap! Oh well. They have to get their cars out.

Saturday it was really really humid and hot outside. Brian and Uncle George and a neighborhood kid did a lot outside. They created scrap piles to take to the scrap yard and cleaned up the yard. I did lots of paperwork inside.

Fred got a tow truck to get his Cadillac out.

1941 Cadillac

Brian and I also started sorting through Dad’s stuff in his room. I created a huge pile of paperwork by pulling it all from one of Dad’s filing cabinets.

The guy who towed Fred’s Cadillac out offered to buy Dad’s 1997 Camero! (You know, the one that was recked.) Sunday he picked it up!

1997 Camero progress:

Date Started: None
Estimated Time: 2 months
Actual Time: 1 day
Players Involved: Uncle George, tow truck guy, me
Status Of This Project: Completed (we didn’t even plan it)

Sunday we got a lot more done. The tow truck driver got his car and paid me for it in cash. He also came back to get Marcus’ Barracuda. My sister was available to help so she and I did paperwork all day. The men basically worked outside. They got tires together and created more of a path for the scrap guy to get more cars.

No one got any of their cars out (besides Fred and Marcus). Mike called to say he might get his boat out on Sunday but never called me back. The other people need to make arrangements, but as far as I’m concerned (and I’ll verify this with the lawyer), we’re going to scrap and take away all the vehicles two weeks from now.

Sunday we also finished the attic paperwork and moved furniture.

Date Started: May 10, 2008
Estimated Time: 40 hours
Actual Time: Approx 50-60 hours
Players Involved: Brian, me, Stacy sometimes
Status Of This Project: Completed (we have more in Dad’s room but the attic is done, we just need to shred all that’s useless)

For another weekend:

  • Get people’s cars out (it’s becoming too late, guys, we’re really starting to get rid of all of it, yours might be gone)
  • Move the rest of the furniture (like from Dad’s room)
  • Clean Dad’s room out (his desk, the cabinets, the rest of his bed)
  • Clean Dad’s closet out

Weekend Of 5/30/08 Update

June 1, 2008 – 9:59 pm

Saturday was a pretty productive day. We didn’t start too too early, but we got a lot done. Uncle George and George finished the roof of the garage.

Finished garage roof

Progress on garage roof:

Date Started: May 24, 2008
Estimated Time: 3 Days
Actual Time: 3 Days
Players Involved: Brian, Uncle George, George
Status Of This Project: Completed (roof should not leak anymore since it was built the right way now)

Also Saturday we went through a lot of paperwork. Stacy and I did that while Brian and Curtis started moving furniture down to the pool room. We’re moving all the furniture to a central location in order to get things organized.

Moving furniture

Saturday night, I’ll be honest, we partied. I got pretty wasted. So did everyone except Brian. I was useless Sunday. Brian got up around 8AM and loaded Robbie’s truck with our old bed for Stacy’s new apartment. So Brian went to Annapolis without me. Him and his Dad did get a lot done.

They moved a lot of furniture, cleaned out the gutters, checked on the tarp, and did paperwork.

Kim’s sons got her jet ski’s out also.

Jet ski\'s being taken away

Empty living room

Stacy took a lot of furniture to college. She got the movers in Sunday to help her. They didn’t show up until 5 which sucks.

We called the lawyer since we didn’t get a check for Uncle George. I’m going to get him to send it to me so I can give it to him next weekend or something. Also, letters SHOULD already be sent out about people and their cars. New date is Saturday, June 7, 2008 9AM-3PM.

Sunday I called the guy buying the Charger. If everything goes well, he should own it by Wednesday. This means we have to drive to Annapolis Wednesday for him to get it.

Stuff to do next weekend:

  • Finish paperwork, finally
  • Look at the house roof, possibly begin working on that (probably won’t happen)
  • Continue moving furniture to pool room
  • Get people’s cars out Saturday
  • Work on Dad’s bedroom, more documents
  • Get Dad’s closet done and cleaned out
  • Clean out Dad’s desks and filing cabinets

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