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So I’ve decided to try to figure out how I can get my screen name on things that I currently can not… so to speak.

I’ve had the same screen name for my entire life basically (since 1996), niles38. On some things, however, I am not niles38, I’m niles38d. I want to try to figure out a way to change it since niles38 is taken on such places. They are:

  • YouTube (niles38d)
  • eBay (niles38d)
  • AIM (niles38d)

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can change it? With AIM, I think I messed up when registering it like 10 years ago or whenever it was. I’ve never seen niles38 get on. I think I registered and it messed up or something. Back then I had other email accounts of which I can’t remember. Besides that, I was always paranoid of the internet. Now I’m more trusting. For eBay, I don’t think I can do anything. For YouTube, I guess I could message the guy and see if he’d be willing to give it up.

Doh, I hate OCD! Maybe I should just change everything to like longlivethemonkey or something.

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  1. longlivethemonkey > niles38

    I mean, niles38 is cool and all, but it’s she’s no niles37.

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