McCain’s Actual “Straight Talk Express”

Below are a lot of issues I compiled to show McCain’s various flip flops on issues or a list of issues where McCain’s view has “evolved”:

1999: McCain: “Certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade, which would then force X number of women in America to [undergo] illegal and dangerous operations.”

2008: For a repeal of Roe vs Wade.


1999: McCain supported drilling moratorium. He also scolded the special interests in Washington that sought offshore drilling leases.

2008: Vowed to end the federal ban on offshore oil drilling.


2001 and 2003: McCain voted against Bush tax cuts.

2008: Supports Bush tax cuts and will EXTEND them as president.


2003: McCain: “Amnesty has to be an important part because there are people who have lived in this country for 20, 30 or 40 years, who have raised children here and pay taxes here and are not citizens.”

2007: McCain: “The fact is that I’ve never supported amnesty.”


2002: McCain: “I believe that the success will be fairly easy.”

2007: McCain: “I knew it was probably going to be long and hard and tough and those who voted for it and thought that somehow it was going to be some kind of an easy task, they were mistaken.”

2008: McCain: “But again, I would remind you, I said we would have an easy victory. We did.”


2008: McCain: “This success that we have achieved is still fragile and could be reversed.” and “If we do what Sen. Obama wants to do, then all of that could be reversed.” (When asked about a possible Iraq timetable.)

2008: McCain: “I think it’s a pretty good timetable, as we should, or horizons for withdrawal.” (When asked about what Maliki wants to do which is what Obama has been saying all along, a 16 month time table.)


2008: McCain: “I think gay marriage should be allowed if there’s a ceremony kinda thing, if you want to call it that. I don’t have any problem with that.”

2008: McCain: “I do not believe gay marriages should be legal.” (During the same debate.)


2005: McCain introduced the McCain Amendment 1977 or the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005 which prohibits the inhumane treatment of prisoners by interrogations.

2007: McCain: “People who have worn the uniform and had the experience know that this is a terrible and odious practice and should never be condoned in the U.S. We are a better nation than that.” (In response to the issue of waterboarding)

2008: McCain sided with Bush and supported a veto of an anti-warterboarding bill.


2004: McCain: “I don’t see how you can possibly, overtime, make sure that young Americans are able to receive Social Security benefits.” (Without privatizing Social Security.)

2008: McCain: “I’m not for, quote, privatizing Social Security. I never have been. I never will be.”


2008: McCain: “I mean being involved in that, it’s beyond belief.”

Yet McCain has been associated with extremists like John Haggy and Ron Parsley (who he campaigned with earlier last year).


2007: McCain: “I think that presidents have the obligation to obey and enforce laws that are passed by Congress and signed into law by the president, no matter what the situation is.” and “I don’t think the president has the right to disobey any law.”

2008: McCain believes Bush has the authority to conduct warrentless wiretapping.


2006: McCain: “I agree with President Roosevelt, and I remain opposed to full repeal of the estate tax.”

2008: McCain: “The estate tax is one of the most unfair tax laws on the books.”


2008: McCain has been quoted as saying “will not leave office without balancing the federal budget” and has said in February he would balance the budget by the end of his first term.

2008: One of McCain’s economic advisers has said “McCain’s overall goal is to balance the budget by the end of his second term” later in April.


2008: McCain: “I don’t like obscene profits being made anywhere. I’d be glad to look not just at the windfall profits tax, that’s not what bothers me, but we should look at any incentives that we are giving to people, or industries or corporations, that are distorting the markets.”

2008: McCain: “If that plan sounds familiar, it’s because that was President Carter’s big idea, too.” and “I’m all for recycling, but it’s better applied to paper and plastic than to the failed policies of the 1970s.” (McCain also criticized Obama for supporting it.)


1983: Opposed the holiday’s creation.

2008: Supports the holiday, even made a speech on it in 2008.


1985: Voted against imposing sanctions against South Africa.

1986: Voted against considering imposing economic sanctions against South Africa.

2008: McCain: “We should privatize the sanctions against Iran by launching a worldwide divestment campaign. …Years ago, the moral clarity and conviction of civilized nations came together in a divestment campaign against South Africa, helping to rid that nation of the evil of apartheid.”


2005 and 2006: McCain votes against establishment of a 9/11 kind of Congressional commission to examine the Federal, State, and local government response to Katrina. Both proposals sponsored by Senator Clinton.

2008: McCain: “I have supported every investigation and ways of finding out what caused the tragedy.”


2005: McCain: “I think that there has to be all points of view presented. But they’ve got to be thoroughly presented.”

2008: McCain: “Should it be taught in a science class? Probably not.”


2005: McCain: “I’m going to be honest, I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues.”

2007: McCain: “I am not an expert on Wall Street.” and “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should.” and “I’ve got Greenspan’s book.”

2008: McCain: “I have not. I have not. Actually, I have not. I said that I am stronger on national security issues because of all the time I spent in the military. I’m very strong on the economy. I understand it.” (When confronted about him saying he’s not an expert on the economy. He interrupted the interviewer.)


2006: McCain voted to declare English the national language of the US.

2008: McCain has his campaign website available in Spanish with the greeting “Bienvenido! Estamos Unidos con McCain” .


2005: McCain: “As part of a compromise I could.” (Support lifting on the cap on Social Security taxes.)

2007: McCain: “I want to right now tell you I will not support a tax increase. I don’t see how it would be. It’s off the table, certainly, now.”

2007: McCain: “I am against tax increases. I am against increases in taxes. I think there are ways to fix Social Security without that.”

2008: McCain: “There is nothing that’s off the table. I have my positions, and I’ll articulate them. But nothing’s off the table.” (In response to a question regarding whether or not he would increase payroll taxes)


2007: McCain: “I might consider it, I don’t think it’s necessary, but I might consider it if you could design a draft where everybody equally could serve.” (When asked about reinstating the draft.)

2008: McCain: “I don’t know what would make a draft happen unless we were in an all-out World War III.” and “I do not believe the draft is even practicable or desirable.”

2008: McCain: “Ma’am let me say that I don’t disagree with anything you said and thank you and I am grateful for your support of all of our veterans.” (When a veteran asked if we don’t reenact the draft, there won’t be anyone to get Bin Laden.)


McCain said he’d pay for this prize by eliminating pork barrel projects (unspecified pork barrel projects) yet he said that eliminating those would pay for his other spending.


McCain has used his wife’s corporate jet for campaign purposes. McCain in 2007 backed legislation requiring presidential candidates to pay the cost of flying on corporate jets. Using his wife’s jet is, obviously, exempt from this legislation.



  • What military experience do you have that makes you qualified to be president?
  • How come when I go to Courageous Service on your website nothing’s there?
  • What SPECIFIC earmarks will you cut to save $100 billion?
  • Will you cut the $4.3 billion aid to Israel and Egypt (it’s an earmark)?
  • Do you think we have memory loss or something when you say you haven’t said you’re not good on the economy when there are quotes everywhere contradicting that statement?
  • How can you say you’re in touch with the American people when your wife, Cindy McCain, spent $750,000 in credit card charges in ONE MONTH?
  • How can you claim that you are in touch with the American people when you don’t even know how many houses you own?
  • How can you prove you understand America’s hardships and problems?
  • Do you believe that you were tortured in Vietnam? According to the Bush Administration’s definition of torture (which you side with and support), you WERE NOT tortured.
  • Would you reinstate the draft to fight all these wars you want to wage? Yes or no. Simple answer please.

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