Regarding Rush Limbaugh

I’m not a fan of Rush Limbaugh. (Surprise, surprise.)

I think that Rush should NOT be booted off the air. It’s free speech even though what he said was slander. He could and should be sued for it.

In order for justice to be served in this, his advertisers should pull out and so should his listeners. Giving Rush any more attention from this indecent will only straighten him.

People love to hate and they’ll start listening to Rush and start following Rush on Twitter because they hate him. That only gives him strength.

Americans should stop listening to Rush. The media should stop covering Rush. Sooner or later he will fade away.

That’s the problem with the media. They pay so much attention to these “Sarah Palin’s”, “Rush Limbaugh’s”, “Lindsay Loehan’s”, they get away from the real topics and issues and only give these fake phonies more popularity and power. If they were to stop covering Rush and Sarah, their popularity would plummet and they would go away.

On another note: Sad, sad news that Dennis Kucinich lost his primary. America has lost one of its true progressives and representatives of the poor. Dennis Kucinich is a man of integrity and, I believe, one of the few members of Congress that people could actually trust. I hope he considers running for senator or something else later. We need people like Kucinich who can walk the walk, stand up for his beliefs and do what is right for this country.

I really hope this year is not another 2010.

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