New Look & Pandemic Activities

I decided my blogs needed some love. I’m looking at this blog and Syntax Notes. I’m installing new, crisp, clean WP themes on both this blog and Syntax Notes.

We’re also getting out a bit more (a bit). Every week or every other week we seem to do something with someone. We still maintain distance with them and wear masks. It’s nice to actually go places and see people. You need that.

I can’t wait for this bullshit to be over!

Removal Of Documents

After years of finding my personal documents on google, I finally got a win and got docstoc to remove my documents!

I’m a paranoid person and I like to keep tabs on my online presence so I started googling my name every month or so. About two years ago I noticed that some of my personal documents got onto this lame website, docstoc. One of the documents was my resume (outdated) and a paper I wrote in college.

If you googled my name, this website would come up where you could download the documents.

I tried emailing docstoc several times to get them removed but they refused. They said I needed copyright status or whatever. It’s like, it’s a college paper and a resume. It’s no secret that the resume was mine considering it had my name and my email on it (the same email I used to email them). And who gets their college papers copyrighted anyway?

I emailed them earlier this evening and again asked them to be removed. I cited the usernames who shared them. These were two usernames consisting of weird characters, obviously not real people. I also said that if they did not comply, I would be contacting a lawyer.

That seemed to do the trick. They wrote me back and removed the documents. I’m a happy and accomplished Janny tonight!