If I Were To Create A Language

I’m currently learning Portuguese and Spanish. Both these languages (and all languages for that matter) have quarks. I wish it was easier to learn another language.

I keep thinking if I were to create a language, I would get rid of the quarks. Here are some things I would consider:

  • No verb conjugation. I believe Chinese is the only language that has this.
  • More than one word for “we”. How annoying is it in English when you have to ask who “we” is? There are some other languages that have more than one word for “we”. Frankly, “we” should be three words:
    • We inclusive you – Me, you, and others.
    • We exclusive you – Me, others, but not you.
    • We exclude others – Me and you only.

    There should probably be other variations to be the most specific.

  • No ways to say one. It’s always the same. In English we have to say “one result.” If there is more than one result, we say “two results.” My language it wouldn’t depend on the number on if the noun is plural. So I guess no plurals. English sucks because the plurals make no sense. Houses not mouses. Goose not meese. (Check out @stage_door_johnny on TikTok for more!)
  • Past tenses/present tenses/future tenses would be simpler. It’s crazy. The conjugation plus all the tenses. It’s too complicated. I’m not sure how to make the tense simpler, but I would want it to be so.
  • No words that mean the same fucking thing over and over again. I get it. It’s cute. It shows your intelligence to know all these fancy words but come on. Let’s make it easier so it’s more inclusive.
  • No repeated words. I don’t think English is that bad. Spanish not either. It took me a little while in the Duolingo tree to find the same word used different ways. Portuguese it was like three lessons: Ela bota a bota (She wears a boot.)
  • Going off that idea, no words that sound the same. English is terrible with this: Our ore or our oar.
  • No crazy rules. In English we have a bunch of crazy rules and sometimes they don’t even apply (looking at you I before E). In Portuguese, OMG, so many crazy rules. If something is plural, it depends on what the ending letter is. (Same in English too but not THIS crazy.)
  • I think it goes without saying but NO ROMATICS. Objects shouldn’t be masculine or feminine. Why is a dress masculine in Spanish/Portuguese? Why is a window feminine?

Seriously though. Life is hard enough. Let’s all create a simple language we can all learn and stop with this nonsense. It’s like Capitalism created these languages and each word had a lobby!

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