Lessons Learned Moving To Another Country

A lot of this might seem regurgitated from Blog – Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving To Portugal but it will be a more abridged version. This is the post like. “if I could roll back time and start from the beginning again I would…”

  • Get google voice in the states because iPlum is a pain in the ass. Or try to get another service.
  • Not ship my car or my bike over. I would have sold them both and bought things here.
  • Not ship the TVs and receivers over. We have converters which work okay but it would be better to get something made for Europe.
  • Not ship a lot of the household US-based appliances over. Some work with the converters but some do not.

Think of moving to another country like moving to another planet. A lot of your U.S. shit won’t work and the process for getting things the way they were in the states is very difficult if not impossible. Do not import cars or motorcycles and do not import US-based stuff. Let it go. Get rid of as much shit as you can. Start anew.

I wish I could go back in time and do things different. I wouldn’t have not moved. I love it here but this journey has been rough. I have no doubts it will be worth it in the end it’s just torture now.

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