2024 Resolutions

Now that we’ve settled more into Portugal (we’re still not all the way here yet), I’m going to be doing some New Years resolutions. Here are 15 things I would like to accomplish next year.

  • Work on Years Collage – Enhancements, maybe pay for SSL, more enhanced search, etc. I have a list.
  • Finish Dad’s Years Collage – I want to set out to finish this by mid-January and put his pictures online. I’m still going through cropping and organizing.
  • Finish my Years Collage – I still have a list of stuff I would like to put on there.
  • Build movie organizer – We have a bunch of movies on different media (DVDs, Amazon, Google, etc). I would like to build something that will use some sort of API to get the movie information so I can digest the data to be able to search and find the movies I have and on what media.
  • Learn more Portuguese and be able to have a good conversation – Of course I’m still learning the language and I am capable of having a basic conversation but I hope to get to the point where I can have a more complex conversation.
  • One month sober – I’m going to do a sober January. No alcohol.
  • More quotes – This past year wasn’t exactly full of quotes. Although I’m hanging out with more people and doing stuff almost every day, I’ve been slacking on recording these memories. I hope to change that.
  • Figure out a shrine for my Dad’s stuff – In the states I had a big china cabinet that housed some of my Dad’s stuff. Right now it’s in a box and I feel bad since it’s not being displayed. Even though we have a much smaller space, I would still like to have something like it back.
  • Figure out a place for glasses/shot glasses – Right now my collections are just in a box. I want to showcase them. Maybe that will be in the kitchen enhancement 3.0?
  • Reach out at least once a month to people – These relationships are important to me and I do not talk to them enough. That’s not to say others aren’t just as important it’s just I need to keep up more with others.
    • Aunt Janet
    • Sabrina P
    • Helen E
    • Becky D
    • Matt A
    • Megan W
    • Billyray M
  • Dance more – With a little help from my friends here :)
  • Do something nice for Brian every week – Brian is a great guy. My husband, my rock, my confidant, my best friend. I need to show him I really care about him more.
  • Blog more – Once every four or five months is not enough. I have several ideas for posts like what advice to give new college kids (thanks Heidi).
  • Swim at least once every three days – I have an indoor pool. I need to use it more.
  • Practice juggling – It would be so cool to go down to the marina and juggle with Brian. That would be fun. My juggling skills need some fine tuning.
  • Have more online game nights – It sucks staying up past 3 AM but relationships and friends are worth it. I should host more Jackbox game nights.
  • Find more hobbies – I need more to do.
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Dry January 2024

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