Ocean City & What’s Changed

So I haven’t been to Ocean City since my senior year of high school, so that’s about 6 1/2 years or so ago. I finally got to go since our friends got a time share in Rehobeth. I just wanted to blog about what’s changed since I’ve been there last.

Let me say, not much. Looking at it in a whole new light, it’s still the same old boardwalk. My favorite hamburger place, Atlantic Stands, is still there. We ate there like everyday. We walked the boardwalk two miles the first day we were there. It was quite an accomplishment. I saw my favorite hotel, the Quality Inn on 17th street. I used to stay there all the time.

A lot of stuff was closed and it was kinda depressing sometimes because of the off season. On the other hand, your business is always appreciated now and you don’t have to worry about crowds. We enjoyed ourselves.

Now, Sportland. My favorite machine is gone, the one with the four teeth and you launch a coin. I won sooo many tickets with that. At Marties, the 10¢ machines are still there. I should have played. Both Marties and Sportland have become more non-ticket oriented. The machines there are about 40% ticket based (as in they dispense tickets) and the rest were games where you have to insert multiple quarters to play a simulation. Those games I tried to avoid because it’s a waste of money, essentially. Getting tickets and trading them in for prizes is where it’s at.


So yeah.

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