2009 Resolutions

Thought I’d be trendy and blog about what I want to accomplish next year:

  • Be more soft spoken, tone it down a bit and watch what I say
  • Have more parties/go to more parties
  • Don’t feel the need to say how I feel all the time
  • Get PHP certified
  • Get at least 1,000 quotes next year
  • See Aunt Ruth and Aunt Janet more
  • Get over some things that bother me
  • Keep off the 10 pounds I just lost (currently weigh 150), be healthier and eat healthier
  • Treat Brian and Candi better (always a resolution)
  • Do something good for the environment or humanity

Immediate future:

  • Buy a house
  • Buy a new Prius
  • Get Candi off the cone (poor puppy)
  • Settle my Dad’s estate (not in my control)
  • See a doctor and dentist
Happy Holidays!
I Gotta Ask, What Do They Do?

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