The Bush Presidency, The End Of An Error

Now that the Bush Presidency is FINALLY over, I thought I’d recap what’s probably the worst mistakes of the past eight years. Reflecting on these mistakes, I sincerely hope we can move past them with an Obama Administration and correct all the blunders that haave occured. It will take a long time but I am confident that our country will transend the past and become the nation we ought to be.

Undoing what Bush has done, some experts say, could take decades. Some of these errors alone may never be corrected. So much damage has been done.

Here are the twenty five things I feel were the worst things that went on during the Bush 43 Administration.

  • No Child Left Behind
  • Inaction On Illegal Immigration
  • Mission Accomplished
  • Inaction In Darfur
  • Budget Deficits – the souring national debt (now more than $10.6 trillion), taking a surplus and giving the top 10% tax cuts, billions needlessly spent in Iraq for contractors (Halliburton, Blackwater, etc)
  • End Of Tariffs – Free Trade which caused a lot of US companies to outsource and send jobs overseas
  • Handling Of North Korea – again a little foreign policy could have gone a long way
  • Handling Of Iran – the inability to exercise foreign policy, turning our backs, not willing to sit down and talk to other nations
  • Katrina
  • Valerie Plame Scandal
  • Alberto Gonzales Scandal
  • Treatment Of Our Veterans
  • The Patriot Act – warrantless wiretapping and civil liberties being taken away in the name of terror, spying on American citizens, the shredding of the Constitution (you know, that GD piece of paper)
  • Over 150 Signing Statements – more than any other president in history, did a lot of damage and pushed us back in such areas as the enviornment
  • Torture – Abu Ghraib, water boarding, violations of the Geneva Convention
  • Initiation And Mismanagement Of The Iraq War
  • Souring Energy Prices – really has hurt the middle class, a lot of people have not recovered, families suffered
  • Bush’s Supreme Court Justice Appointments – probably one of the worst things he has ever done, this country has regressed dramatically
  • America’s Image And The Exploitation Of September 11th – after 9/11 the world was behind us but this Administration resorted to scare tactics in order to push its own agenda, we have fallen as a leader in the world, the Bush Administration has used terror and the threat of another 9/11 to scare the American people
  • Inaction On The Healthcare Crisis – SCHIP vetoed (one of the most successful programs)
  • Lack Of Foresight On The Housing Crisis – a little Government regulation could have gone a long way towards stopping aggressive lending practices
  • Nievity On Economic Crisis – statements like “the fundamentals of our economy are strong”, the lack of government regulation and oversight
  • Millions Of Jobs Lost
  • Lack Of Government Accountability – from war crimes to warrentless wiretapping to the budget this administration has NOT been held accountable
  • Inaction Against Global Warming – Kyoto Accord not being signed, editing of scientific documents that prove Global Warming is happening, lying in speeches of how we need to move to alternative energy yet blocking legislation that calls for it
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