Thoughts On In Vetro & Abortion

With all the discussion about in vetro going on because of the octuplets debate, I had an interesting thought. This woman knew that all of the six embryos the clinic implanted were successful and developing, and she chose not to get any of them aborted… the whole pro life argument… “It’s God’s will”.

My thought is that if it’s God’s will to have a life be created, it’s also Gods will to have life NOT be created. Let’s face it, Nadya Suleman should have never been a mother because she’s infertile. Thanks to technology and in vetro, she is… It’s choice.

How can anyone claim it’s God’s will when they can control the situation? Was it God’s will to have Ms Suleman have in vetro? No. She chose it. If God makes someone infertile, it’s not meant to be, if you following the whole pro life argument that it’s God’s will to have a life be born. You can’t have it both ways.

It draws the conclusion that people who are pro life should NOT be pro in vetro, following God’s will.

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