Rock Band For Wii

Brian was thinking about getting Rock Band for the Wii when it came out. I decided to look it up exactly when it comes out cause I can’t wait to play it and we have a lot of fun over Shawn and Jen’s place.

Well, to my dismay, it seems like it won’t be nearly as cool as it is on Xbox 360. It doesn’t come out until June 22nd anyway.

Look at the article at

Basically it WON’T have:

  • customizable avatars, no using of Mii’s (what other games CAN you use them for?)
  • downloadable content via the Rock Store
  • Guitar Hero III guitars won’t work with it
  • no online play so no bands, so basically all quickplay
  • no leaderboards

So, yeah, it’s lame. The drum set looks cool but not worth it. We’re going to buy it for the 360 soon. Letting all you know, avoid PS2 and Wii, and buy Rock Band for Xbox instead.

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