What Needs To Change About Baseball

After the Orioles losses last night, it got me to think about everything I would want to see changed about baseball (MLB). The Orioles haven’t won nor have been to the playoffs since 1997. They always come in 4th in the American League East. The Orioles and other sucky teams like the Nationals and the Blue Jays could benefit from serious changes.

Here’s what I think we need to change about the sport:

  1. Cut down the season. 160+ games is way too long. It runs into football and let’s face it, no one watches baseball as soon as football season rolls around. I figure cut the season in half. 70 maybe 80 games. Stop extending it. All the records are being broke because players have a lot more games to play. It simply isn’t fair. Cutting the season would also probably increase popularity. Look at how crowded every football game is. Baseball simply isn’t like that.
  2. Standardize EVERY stadium.  A home run in one stadium is different than a home run in another? Bull s**t. Sorry, no. All stadiums should confirm to one fixed design. This way there’s no advantages to being in one stadium or another.
  3. HARD HARD HARD salary cap. PLEASE! Please put a salary cap on baseball. There might be already one but it simply isn’t good enough. When A-Rod is making MORE than the entire team of the Florida Marlins, there’s a problem. The Yankees and Red Sox will always win because they have so much money for talent. Poorer teams (like Baltimore) don’t even come close to what the Yankees make. When you have an unlimited supply of money, you can build a dream team every year. When was the last time the Yankees DIDN’T make it to at least the playoffs?
  4. Keep up with technology and drugs on the steroid front. All these players are STILL taking steroids. Football has been ahead of this for some time. You do them, you’re out. Simple as that. Drug test and suspend for violations. Lord knows we have the technology to stay ahead of the growth hormone game.
  5. Abolish the National League. In football, both conferences are identical. In baseball, the National League has their pitchers bat. Get rid of that, or make both conferences the exact same.

Basically, baseball needs to take a cue from football. Do these few things and I think baseball would be a more fair and enjoyable sport. Plus more teams would win every year, which increases more popularity because of band wagoners.

I wonder if I’ll ever see the Orioles win again.

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  1. Forget baseball and football. There’s plenty of room for you on the Capitals bandwagon. DC is the center of the hockey universe right now. I’m talking INTERNATIONAL news.

    The Verizon Center is packed, and LOUD! Sergei Federov, who has had a hall of fame career broke his stick and didn’t even hear it break over the roar of the crowd. He says it’s the loudest arena he’s ever played in.

    Hop on! Help us keep the interest going when the deadskins start playing and half the n00bs forget all about the caps again.

  2. Saw the RedSox get beat by the O’s last night and it was the first game I’ve seen in many years . After Cal retired and all the steroid businees I just lost interest and payed more attention to my family. Last nights game was great, being forced to sit down for 3 hours and get “out of mind” as Bob Dylan says was phenomenal. The thing that needs to change about baseball is this : GET RID OFTHE DH AND MAKE THE PITCHER HIT!
    anyway I think of you guys often and check here regularly but haven’t commented till now. Hope things are going okay for you , Brian and your sis…

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