Vacation Tweets – Las Vegas 1/14/10 – 1/20/10

Here’s the list of tweets from my Las Vegas vacation!

Wednesday January 13, 2010

  • Officially on #VACATION! 5:11 PM EST

Thursday January 14, 2010

  • Arrived in #Atlanta. Almost two hour layover. Weak. 8:48 AM EST
  • Had nothing but problems with #Delta so far. My flight is delayed. Leaving #Atlanta at 11:30 now. 10:16 AM EST
  • Flight delayed again. They don’t even have a plane for us. We’re to go to another gate, unknown yet. MASSIVE #DeltaFail! 11:12 AM EST
  • Finally boarding! Almost ready. #DeltaFail 1:20 PM EST
  • Idiots and their big bags. We’d be up in the air if it wasn’t for their cheap asses. #fail 1:34 PM EST
  • #Vegas trip update: We’re stuck in the plane, on the runway. There’s something wrong with the intercom system. Joy. #fail 2:39 PM EST
  • We have arrived! #Vegas 6:53 PM EST 3:53 PM PST
  • JAY LENO is here! Brian is getting tickets now! I can’t believe it! #jayleno #vegas 8:40 PM EST 5:40 PM PST

Friday January 15, 2010

  • This is #fail. It’s 6 AM here and I’m wide awake. 9:15 AM EST 6:15 AM PST
  • At #M&M World. Then #NYNY to grab a bite. 2:40 PM EST 11:40 AM PST
  • Seeing the #Titanic exhibit at the #Luxor. 4:52 PM EST 1:52 PM PST
  • Now at the Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace. Worried we might run out of things to do in #Vegas… Probably not. 7:42 PM EST 4:42 PM PST
  • Just had sushi at a Japanese steakhouse. Now waiting for the #volcano to errupt at the #Mirage. 9:47 PM EST 6:47 PM PST
  • Just saw the Pirates show at #TI (Treasure Island). Currently enjoying a tasty ice cream at #McDonalds. 10:50 PM EST 7:50 PM PST

Saturday January 16, 2010

  • Just took a bath. This hotel towel smells like coffee. Probably going to get breakfast now. 11:31 AM EST 8:31 AM PST
  • Ran into two #Ravens fans so far. Going to watch the games at the sports bar here. They have big screens. #GoRavens! 12:07 PM EST 9:07 AM PST
  • Sports bar at Circus Circus sucks. Have to find another one. 4:01 PM EST 1:01 PM PST
  • Kurt Warner is tough! #Cardinals 6:38 PM EST 3:38 PM PST
  • #WTF is that s**t call on Lewis??? Bull! 9:33 PM EST 6:33 PM PST
  • #Colts obviously have the refs on their side. #NFLFail 10:17 PM EST 7:17 PM PST

Sunday January 17, 2010

  • Is #Minnesota starting to self destruct? #Cowboys aren’t looking too good. 2:47 PM EST 11:47 AM PST
  • After all the #Cowboys did for the #Vikings, for them to just smear it in their faces is just cherlish. I lost some respect for #Favre. 4:02 PM EST 1:02 PM PST
  • Seriously, #Chargers? You need to win. You’re the only ones who know how to beat the #Colts! 7:18 PM EST 4:18 PM PST
  • Heading out to #Fremont Street! 8:04 PM EST 5:04 PM PST
  • Brian won $1.55 on a shot machine waiting for our table at Tony Romas. 8:39 PM EST 5:39 PM PST
  • Checking out a gift shop at Fremont Street and awaiting the show. 9:33 PM EST 6:33 PM PST
  • Finding some really cool glasses in souvenir shops… Too bad I don’t pay for my glasses. #vegas 9:44 PM EST 6:44 PM PST
  • I just gambled and won the cost of my souvenirs today. Bri just made $15.60! #vegas 10:48 PM EST 7:48 PM PST
  • Up $15.22 tonight already. Going fo more now. 12:10 AM EST 9:10 PM PST
  • Brian’s excersizing his prob and stat knowledge and is hitting it big in roulette! 1:22 AM EST 10:22 PM PST

Monday January 18, 2010

  • Rainy day in #LV. Off to get some food. Hoping my luck will change tonight. 1:10 PM EST 10:10 AM PST
  • Brian just won $1.40 playing Triple 7’s at Caesars. 3:28 PM EST 12:28 PM PST
  • Bought souvenirs. Just checked out the fountains at the #Bellagio. 6:09 PM EST 3:09 PM PST
  • Going to Mandalay Bay to check out the coral reef. 6:44 PM EST 3:44 PM PST
  • Having dinner at #PlanetHollywood in Caesar’s Mall. 8:17 PM EST 5:17 PM PST
  • Waiting for the fountains at the #Bellagio again. This time at night. Then off to the Monte Carlo. Frank Caliendo tonight! #frankcaliendo 9:20 PM EST 6:20 PM PST
  • Got upgraded on Frank Caliendo tickets! We’re now in the seventh row! Woo! #awesome #win 12:13 AM EST 9:13 PM PST
  • Just got our pictures taken with Frank cliendo! Woo! #anotherwin #awesome 2:01 AM EST 11:01 PM PST

Tuesday January 19, 2010

  • At the top of the Stratosphere! Ahhh! It’s really high! 2:41 PM EST 11:41 AM PST
  • Oh yeah. Three #Ravens fans now. Ran into another one on the Stratosphere. 3:17 PM EST 12:17 PM PST
  • Apparently our hotel hasn’t gotten out of the stone age yet. 1 800 numbers cost money when you dial them. #fail 4:58 PM EST 1:58 PM PST
  • Just had dinner. All you can eat pasta for $10. Now walking around the Adventuredome. It’s leaking because of the rain. 8:37 PM EST 5:37 PM PST
  • Going down stairs to #gamble. 10:59 PM EST 7:59 PM PST
  • Lost Brian in the #Casino. Can somebody put a fricken bell on him or something? 12:13 AM EST 9:13 PM PST

Wednesday January 20, 2010

  • People in the same boat as we. Trying to finish their beverages before check point. #airport 10:56 AM EST 7:56 AM PST
  • All checked in and waiting for boarding. Our flight is on time! Ready to go to #Detroit. Bye, #Vegas. 12:00 PM EST 9:00 AM PST
  • Just landed in #Detroit. Other flight leaves in like 20 minutes. May not make it. #DeltaFail 4:48 PM EST
  • Barely made it to our flight. I don’t think our bag will have the same luck. 5:01 PM EST
  • Finally landed at Reagan. Need to take #metro now. 6:35 PM EST
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