Ways That I Am Green

As you know, I am very Earth concious and I try to be as “Green” as possible. I’ve decided to list out what I try to do in my daily life in order to stop wasting the Earth and stop Global Warming. Some of them are really small but I do what I can.

  • I drive a Hybrid, my Toyota Prius. Yes, it still pollutes but it’s the most fuel efficient thing out there.
  • I car pool with Brian everyday to and from work.
  • I reuse my old water bottles and refill them.
  • I use hand towels instead of paper towels to clean spills and things. It’s easier to throw them in the wash.
  • I always try to use energy saver everything like light bulbs.
  • I turn my room temperature to 68 in the winter and 75 in the summer. I open the windows as much as possible on nice cool days.
  • I recycle everything I humanly can; beer bottles, cans, junk mail. In MoCo, it’s hard to recycle but I put aside cans and jars and paper to recycle over Brian’s parents house. I also have a special recycling drawer that I put useless non-identifiable paper and things in to recycle later.
  • I reuse paper if there’s not much written on it, I just scratch it out.
  • I reuse my lunch bags and other bags. When I go to the mall, I take a plastic bag with me, that way I’m not using one of theirs. I also reuse my sandwich bags by wrapping my sandwich up with a napkin. I need a napkin anyway.
  • I turn my computer and speakers off whenever I’m not using them. Except for my work computer which needs to update itself. I turn that off for the weekend.
  • I turn off lights whenever I exit a room. Except at work. I was instructed to leave my light on forever since I have the front office and the bosses want it to look like our office is busy even though no one is in the office.
  • I use rechargeable batteries for remotes, cameras, controllers, etc.
  • I buy Green things. Like our shake flashlight.
  • I manually open doors instead of going through automatic doors whenever possible. I also use the stairs instead of elevators (unless it’s really high like 4+ stories).
  • I reuse tinfoil and plastic wrap as much as possible, if I can.
  • I roll down my windows like all the time in the car instead of air conditioning. This sometimes helps fuel efficiency.
  • Over Dad’s, I do the same sorts of things. I recycle whatever I can. When I find metal I put it in one of the junk cars that goes to the scrap yard to get recycled. I’ll pick aluminum cans out of the trash to put them into the recycling.
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