Afraid To Love Another Team

My Ravens, a team I’ve loved for years now, has won the Super Bowl. I’m still beyond shock. I’m still in disbelief. They’re a great team this year.

But I figured it out last night, I’m afraid to love them like I did another team.

Years ago I loved the Philadelphia Eagles. I loved them with all my heart and I was a fan through the tough losses. We had friends who were Eagles fans as well so it was perfect (besides when the Redskins played them). I was supersticious to no end with them. I cried when McNabb went down. I was there with the rookies. We even all wanted to buy tickets and go up there.

Then the most awful thing happened… they signed the dog killer, Michael Vick. That tore my heart out. I cried; I was angry. I threw all my Eagles stuff out, including stuff that really meant a lot to me; like the hat my boss gave me (I don’t get many presents from bosses), the ornament my aunt gave to me, the glasses my friend gave me, the many hats I bought… everything.

I loved that team so much but when they signed that monster, I could no longer.

I’m afraid to love another team like I did the Eagles. I’m afraid to open up my heart just to have it venerable again. The Ravens have won my heart, but not my whole heart.

But on a lighter note, I’m very proud and happy for my Ravens!


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