Janny’s Review Of Motorola Droid Razr HD

Motorola Razr HD

I finally decided to upgrade from my Droid Incredible. I had that phone for over three years and it took a long time for me to finally decide to upgrade. It was the best phone I had in my entire life and I do miss it. However it got slow and had quite a few bugs…

Anyway, this blog post is my review of my new phone; the Motorola Droid Razr HD. I decided to go with the middle child of the Razr’s… it’s between the regular Droid Razr and Droid Razr HD Maxx. I was back and forth on phones at first… I was between the Razr, Razr Maxx, Galaxy S III, and the new HTC Droid Incredible.

So I’ve had this new one for about a week now. It’s pretty cool so far. Having the Incredible first helped. The learning curve was very little. I was able to figure out stuff pretty quick.

The tricky thing was getting my apps onto the new phone, which was why I was hesitant to upgrade in the first place. I actually put an ad on Craigslist for porting over the progress in my one app, Paradise Island. After hooking up with this one cool guy, he was able to root my husbands old Droid Incredible and his new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note II… he was able to get his progress in his island… After I got my new phone I hooked up with him again and rooted my old and new phone and was able to port over my island.

Anyway, on to cool stuff:

  • Basically everything my old phone (Droid Incredible) had that was cool.
  • It has unlimited number of “pages” (desktop screens). They are always to the right. To the left is phone management and settings.
  • The GPS (Google Maps) is awesome. It loads right away unlike my old phone. It takes a few seconds to get your location and destination.
  • I have three browsers: Chrome (came with the phone), FireFox, and Dolphin. I could download these on my old phone but they’re awesome on my new one.
  • It’s a bigger screen.
  • I can unlock and go right to text message, wherever I was before, phone, or camera… no waiting.
  • Front facing camera.
  • It’s light weight and durable.
  • It always has phone, people, apps, text, and camera.
  • The user community is amazing. I can google any question I have and someone has run into the same issue and has a solution.
  • BATTERY LIFE IS AMAZING SO FAR. So glad I didn’t get the Maxx. I can already not put my phone on the charger for two days and be perfectly fine.
  • It tracks data use and you can turn off Mobile data.
  • Loud ring tone. Which is a great and bad thing. At work I need to put it on vibrate since the lowest level of volume is a bit loud.
  • Movie quality is amazing. Youtube videos look awesome.
  • My emails look amazing since it does HTML email… however it still doesn’t load copy & pasted images. It also creates a vertical scroll sometimes depending on the message.
  • Internet speed is awesome since it’s 4G LTE.
  • The speakers are loud! This is really good for getting calls or watching video in semi-loud places. You can actually hear it!

Not So Cool:

  • The email client isn’t the easiest to understand. In fact, I don’t even know how to get to drafts yet. And the settings are hard to find and understand.
  • The settings in general are kinda hard to understand at first.
  • Connecting it to the computer the first time didn’t work. It wanted to install this Motorola software that ended up not working. Since I got the phone rooted, it comes up as two drives, which is exactly what I want and expect.
  • The weather thing didn’t work until I added a city to it.
  • Connecting to WiFi was a lot easier with my old phone. I didn’t need to know the Security thing.
  • There’s no way to clear all in your notifications.
  • I can’t get Skype to work (which is a problem with Skype and not the phone)… I need to figure out better video conference software… anyone have any suggestions?
  • The calendar isn’t as easy as it was in my old phone.
  • Not sure how to change my avatar on texts yet.
  • Desktop still doesn’t rotate.
  • The keyboard doesn’t have the quick keys on the asdfghjkl; like it did on my old phone. It’s taking some getting used to and I need to hit space then backspace to add a period/question mark after my sentence.

Now I have my phone rooted… I still need to figure out cool things I can do with that. I also have an app that should keep the root should I decide to upgrade to the next version of Android.

But all in all I’m loving the new phone so far. Everything’s fast. My island is doing well. It’s good. I’d give the phone 9/10.

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