New Handle

I’ve been niles38 everywhere since I was like 12. Recently I joined instagram and found out that niles38 was already taken. I know I was late in joining but I really wanted to be niles38 everywhere. There were always a few exceptions (ebay, aim).

I have decided that niles38 isn’t for me anymore. I still like it and I will still have my email as it but I want something new and something that’s free everywhere; hence why I’m writing this blog post.

I need ideas. In another month the domain will be available again as I will not be re-registering it. I’m looking for something short and something that’s me. I think LLTM (longlivethemonkey) is long… but maybe I’ll check around to see if it’s available in other places… hey, I have the domain, right?

Anyway internet, what you got for me?

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