Watching Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is the new NetFlix sensation (at least start of January 2023). It’s a good show. NetFlix encourages you to watch in any order. For me it didn’t seem like it was random. My order came as a few other articles said it came but other articles said NetFlix randomizes it.

I watched it in a random order anyway. Here’s the order I watched:

  1. Black – Starting point. Everyone starts here as it explains it.
  2. Green – 7 years before the heist.
  3. Blue – 5 days before the heist.
  4. Yellow – 6 weeks before the heist.
  5. Red – The morning after the heist.
  6. Pink – 6 months after the heist.
  7. Orange – 3 weeks before the heist.
  8. Violet – 24 years before the heist.
  9. White – The heist.

Watching Violet before White was definitely interesting. I did not like the job they did on Giancarlo Esposito. Come on man. You have like a lot of money and the best you can do is make his face look fatter? It’s a disgrace. I was also not happy with the acting in this episode. And the plot is really stupid. I honestly don’t know why Leo would blame Roger/Graham. At least Roger/Graham went back. He could have just left Leo there. I just honestly don’t get it. And that episode just proves to never bring your child into work.

It was sad to know how all the characters ended up in this order. I didn’t quite catch a few things but I was able to google it and figure out what I was missing.

All in all it was good. I like this format and I want to see more shows like this where you can watch at whatever order. It’s a nice break from most shows now that are episodic.

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