Thoughts On Kate From Lost

I’m re-watching the show Lost since Brian is away visiting family in the states. This is maybe the third or fourth time I’ve seen it. My favorite episode is LaFleur in season 5 when Juliet and Sawyer (along with Jin and Miles and Daniel) join the Dharma Initiative after they stop time traveling. The entire episode jumps around back and forth three years into the future and past. (I really wish it was a linear episode but whatever.)

In the episode Juliet and Sawyer get together sometime in those three years. Sawyer is head of security and Juliet displays her many talents. They’re really happy and it’s so good.

At the end of the episode Kate comes back.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of Kate. It seems like she always wanted her cake and eat it too. It seems like she would just keep jumping from Jack to Sawyer without really choosing. There are other reasons I dislike Kate like the fact that she got the guy she loved killed. It just seems like she’d do anything for herself. While on the island, everyone trusted Kate for some reason.

In season 5 Kate makes the decision to go back to the island with all the rest of the Oceanic Six (besides Aaron). It’s found out later that the main reason Kate went back to the island was to find Claire so she could reunite her with Aaron (whom she took off the island).

It’s funny considering the second she lands, her concern isn’t about Claire anymore.  And so at the beginning of the next episode after LaFleur, when Sawyer gives Kate, Hurly, and Jack a choice to join Dharma or camp out, Kate decides to join Dharma. She could have camped out and tried to find Claire. Most likely Claire was there in 1977. The entire rest of the season she doesn’t mention or try to find Claire at all. No plan, no trying to explore the island to find her, nothing.

Then in season 6, she still isn’t concerned about finding Claire. It’s like not even a thought in her mind anymore. She’s more concerned about chasing Sawyer to get him back to the temple.

Sawyer was headed towards the barracks where he lived thirty years ago with Juliet. He digs up a box that had an engagement ring in it. Sawyer was going to propose. He tells this to Kate and she cries.

Doesn’t she get it? Doesn’t she understand? Sawyer didn’t want her anymore. Juliet and Sawyer were happy without Kate and the rest of them. Kate, Jack, and Hurley coming back was one of the reasons why Juliet died. In fact if it wasn’t for Kate getting on the submarine when Sawyer and Juliet were being banished off of the island, Juliet wouldn’t have died! I liked the idea of Sawyer and Juliet buying Microsoft and living happier ever after.

Kate never wanted to rescue Claire to get her back with Aaron. She just wanted to find Sawyer.

I just feel like Kate is a very selfish character and she’ll do whatever she wants to in order to get what she wants. And even once she has it, she isn’t happy.

Watching Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is the new NetFlix sensation (at least start of January 2023). It’s a good show. NetFlix encourages you to watch in any order. For me it didn’t seem like it was random. My order came as a few other articles said it came but other articles said NetFlix randomizes it.

I watched it in a random order anyway. Here’s the order I watched:

  1. Black – Starting point. Everyone starts here as it explains it.
  2. Green – 7 years before the heist.
  3. Blue – 5 days before the heist.
  4. Yellow – 6 weeks before the heist.
  5. Red – The morning after the heist.
  6. Pink – 6 months after the heist.
  7. Orange – 3 weeks before the heist.
  8. Violet – 24 years before the heist.
  9. White – The heist.

Watching Violet before White was definitely interesting. I did not like the job they did on Giancarlo Esposito. Come on man. You have like a lot of money and the best you can do is make his face look fatter? It’s a disgrace. I was also not happy with the acting in this episode. And the plot is really stupid. I honestly don’t know why Leo would blame Roger/Graham. At least Roger/Graham went back. He could have just left Leo there. I just honestly don’t get it. And that episode just proves to never bring your child into work.

It was sad to know how all the characters ended up in this order. I didn’t quite catch a few things but I was able to google it and figure out what I was missing.

All in all it was good. I like this format and I want to see more shows like this where you can watch at whatever order. It’s a nice break from most shows now that are episodic.

Roles My Sister Should Have Played

As many of you know I have a very talented sister, Stacy. She’s been doing theater and acting since high school. She double majored in theater and English! She’s amazing.

I first saw her act in some high school play. I couldn’t remember what it was but she played a kid who got hit by another kid. She acted very well and I was actually quite scared for her as she had to fall off a chair. I felt like getting up on stage and punching the kid who hit her but I new it was an act and she did it perfectly.

Since she’s had a few minor things going on but I can’t help wonder what she could have done if she had the opportunities. A few key roles I would have loved to see my sister play, just to name a few, are:

  • Lumen Pierce – Dexter (season 5) – Julia Styles sucked playing this role. She was too bossy, too pushy, too needy, and too like not playing the part well. It just felt like 10 Things I Hate About You (a movie which I loved) but it was the same acting. My sister could have done this sooooo much better.
  • Jessica Hamby – True Blood (all seasons) – I felt like Deborah Ann Woll played this role well but I know my sister could have been better. Most actors on True Blood (except for a few) did not do southern accents. Even Anna Paquin only did a southern accent sporadically. The only two characters I can think of in that show that really did the southern accent like all the time were Arlene (Carrie Preston) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten; who is fucking Australian!). My sister could have totally done a southern accent.
  • Kate – Drinking Buddies – I did not like Olivia Wilde in this role. It just didn’t ring true to me. It felt like she was overacting a lot of the time. My sister could have played this role. I could have seen it done better by her.

Yet Another Disappointing Ending To Dexter

As I’ve blogged about before and before, Dexter endings seem to suck. And last nights was no better.

It’s pretty absolute. I mean, Dexter’s dead. Last night’s episode seemed so rushed. I would have liked to see more… I mean it just seems like Dexter’s life ended when Logan refused to comply. And Logan was cautious with Dexter to begin with… why didn’t he do typical police protocols like he did before?

The ending was too rushed. I mean, we didn’t even have time to process it. One event after another. Stupid decisions by Dexter.

I really did enjoy the Dexter New Blood season. It was awesome. I loved seeing him not be a serial killer. I loved him not going back to his old temptations.

And he was actually smart up to a point. He wasn’t like the old improv-Dexter where every decision was hap hazard and not thought out. He actually made decent decisions throughout the season. Just the final like two episodes that went to shit.

I really didn’t understand why Dexter did the flashback to all the people whom would still be alive if it wasn’t for him. I have issues with a few of them.

  • It wasn’t Dexter’s fault about Deb. I mean maybe inadvertently. But it was that dude showing up like at the wrong time. I don’t see how Deb’s death is Dexter’s fault.
  • Lundy wasn’t Dexter’s fault either. That was Trinity’s daughter trying to protect her father. How can Dexter be blamed for that? If it wasn’t for BHB, Lundy probably would have came back to Miami trying to hunt Trinity when he retired. Without BHB, he wouldn’t have met Miami Metro or Deb or Dexter or anyone; most likely.
  • Doakes wasn’t 100% Dexter’s fault either. (Inadvertently again. I guess one could argue since he was alone in a cabin but Dexter was feeding him.) But his death is on Lila. She killed Doakes. Dexter even killed her for it in Paris.
  • Maria; yes. 100% on Dexter there. He could have handled that a lot better but that was still Dexter’s hap-hazard improv days.

Oh and another thing… I loved to see Batista again. I loved all his scenes especially the ending one. But I’m in pain since the Dexter/Batista reunion will never happen. He’ll show up to Iron Lake and it’s a fucking dumpster fire with the FBI on Kurt Caldwell, Dexter being dead… what a disaster and not what most fans had hoped for. Sigh, another loose end.

When I heard John Lithgow was going to be in it I was ecstatic. But… just one fucking scene. Probably could have been done with CGI or voice over or not at all. Why bother bringing Trinity back for one tiny scene with one tiny line? I would have liked to see Trinity as a ghost or whatever… like Deb was.

Harrison is gone with the wind. How much money did Angela give him anyway? I mean a cop having a substantial amount of cash on her is extremely unlikely. I didn’t even understand how she got there anyway.

What I Would Have Liked To See

Definitely that Dexter/Batista reunion. Judging from Batista’s emails, Vince and Joey still work with him. I would have liked to see them. I would have liked it to play out like Angela said. Dexter holds trial for Matt’s murder and is extradited to Florida to stand trial for BHB. At least then we could possibly get a second season of trials and other stuff.

I love when series references older stuff in the past. Lost did this a lot. It just tied shit together. Gave things more complexity. Dexter did this a bit throughout with references. But having him be suspected of being the BHB would have been great. Re-examine the evidence, walk through all of Dexter’s kills again. That would have been awesome.

It was kind of unbelievable that Angela (a small town cop) could crack BHB when Special Agent Lundy couldn’t. That didn’t seem probable.

Also I would like to see her finally put all those missing persons to rest. I mean, she has a lot of work to do with that.

Who is Batista’s wife? Gosh, I really hope it was that vice detective, Barbara Gianna, he dated in season three. She was awesome.

I would have liked to have seen better. Now that Dexter is dead, the ending that I had pictured isn’t going to come true ever… I guess it’s back to the books again.

Update: I actually like how this Dexter: New Blood ending article explains it.

Broken Characters (Breaking Bad Vs Shameless)

I finished Shameless a little more than a month ago. This was my first time watching it. It was a good show and I’ll definitely be watching it again (all 11 seasons).

I found similarities between Frank in Shameless and Walter White in Breaking Bad.

I’m not sure if I blogged about Breaking Bad before but I really disliked Walter White during the later parts of Breaking Bad (probably season 2 and on). I rooted for him to die. He turned out to be a gigantic asshole who somewhat redeemed himself (though barely) in the series finale.

I had a lot of empathy for Walter. I mean, Breaking Bad, that entire premise wouldn’t have happened in any other developed country BUT the United States. I felt really bad for him. I didn’t blame him for doing what he had to in order to take care of his family. You gotta do what you’re good at and he was good at cooking meth.

Where he lost me was his obsession with power and getting mad at everyone when things didn’t go his way (ex. him blaming Jessie and Jessie’s friends when Skinny Pete got mugged). I also hated him not doing anything to save Jane. He also should not have killed Gus. Was Gus a good guy? No. But he had a great thing going there and he had to fuck it all up.

In Shameless, yeah, Frank is a big dick to all his family. He steals from them, takes advantage of them, breaks them up, etc. He really is a bad dude. Some of the worst for me was telling Carl that he had cancer, getting the kids removed from the house, and losing Liam.

But I feel more empathy for Frank than I do Walter White. I can’t really explain it but I guess because Frank didn’t really choose his lifestyle while Walter decided to do the things he did. Also, besides deliberately denying that woman her needed heart transplant, thus killing her (that was difficult to watch), Frank really doesn’t rack up many deaths. He works really hard to just not work. I guess maybe since I’m a fan of a universal basic income, the shit that Frank does just to be drunk all the time like he isn’t seeking power like Walter was. All Frank really wanted to do was be lazy, not work, and get drunk all the time.

How I Have To Envision Dexter

Dexter is a tough show to watch for me. Not the premise or anything… just the way things happened. I’m one of the many fans who HATED the ending of it. Although, I’m really looking forward to the reboot later this year! Hopefully it won’t be as disappointing.

There are several things I really hated about Dexter. Here are some and what I have to kind of tell myself should have happened.

Biney Dying

I hated that they killed off Brian (Biney). I hated that Dexter did it himself. In the books, Biney is still on the loose. I would much prefer to think of Biney still being out there. In season 6 (I think) when Dexter goes off for a day with imaginary Biney, I would like to think that was real Biney and he’s still alive and well.

Lundy Dying

God I HATED that. Lundy and Deb were such an awesome couple and such a dynamic. I loved that relationship. And how they killed Lundy off so fast in season 4 really bothered me. I like to think that Lundy got too close to Trinity and had to go into witness protection or something and that Deb is still searching for him. Or maybe he left Miami to be with his daughter (whom we didn’t know about until he died). Anything but killing him off. I loved his humor and his character. If anyone should have brought down Dexter, it should have been Lundy.

Rita Dying

Notice a theme of all these awesome characters dying? Rita too, god damn it. I hated that. I mean, WTF? Why??? I like to think Rita left with Cody and Aster and left Dexter with Harrison cause she saw something dark in him maybe? Either way, no way Rita should have died.

Deb Dying

So WTF now? I guess we’ll find out but seriously that was stupid as fuck.

You can check out the other blog posts about Dexter by searching this blog (duh).

But here’s to hopefully a better season than seasons 5, 6, 7, and 8! I’m also re-reading the books so I’ll blog about that at a later date.

Random Thoughts 12/13/2020

  • I DO NOT have covid. I doubt that I’ve ever had it.
  • I REALLY want AOC to force a vote on Medicare For All so then we will know who supports giving people healthcare during a pandemic.
  • I say fuck too much.
  • My friends are awesome. I miss my friends.
  • My dogs are awesome. I don’t miss my dogs since they’re always here with me.
  • I’ve been downloading (actually buying) a lot of music.
  • I’m really into Chernobyl, Mount Everest, abandoned places, ship wrecks, etc. I would like more recommendations for YouTube but since all I subscribe to and most of what I play is political in nature, I don’t see much.
  • I have a weird crush on Jared Harris right now. I just finished binging Fringe and just watched Chernobyl on HBO for the third time. I just love his voice. It’s sexy to me.
  • It does not feel like Christmas to me.
  • I’m kind of a little addicted to work right now which is not a good thing. I think about it a lot. I’m having fun and (dare I say it) look forward to the work days.
  • I’m learning Spanish and actually getting good at it. Speaking and hearing, not so much but I can read it.
  • I REALLY wish the Democrats didn’t suck. I REALLY wish we had Bernie in there. I REALLY wish more people realized that the Democrats suck and demand more from them. All I do on Twitter is bash the Democrats because they deserve it. They are beyond pathetic and the next four years are going to be a cluster fuck. Sorry (not sorry) but Joe Biden sucks ass. He’s going to make things worse (and NO that doesn’t mean he’s worse than Trump).
  • I wish I had more time for this blog. I wish I could write debunking posts like I used to. I would research the shit out of something and write about it with sources and stuff. It was fun and awesome.

The Price Of Capitalism & Socialism For The Rich – Silicon Valley

I’ve been binge rewatching Silicon Valley on HBO. I remember a scene from a few years ago when I first watched it and am now rewatching. It’s a very good scene.

Gavin is trying to get the cheapest place and people to build his new box. China, Bengledesh, all the other cheaper labor places in the world he couldn’t do so he turned to the United States. Some little town in South Carolina.

He got them to give him massive tax cuts, cleaned up facilities, etc… ya know, what rich NFL owners, Amazon, and other big corporations do.

Unfortunately, that strategy did not turn out well for his factory. Here’s what happened:

  • The mayor had the factory repainted.
  • The painters left some oily rags in a garbage can.
  • Because of cuts to the sanitation service, the trash was not collected.
  • The rags smuldered and caught fire.
  • Because of cuts to the fire department, the blaze spread.
  • A number of concerned citizens tried to fight the fire, but because the water was cut off, they could not.
  • The vast majority of the rare earth materials survived the fire until the flames evaded.
  • Due to mass layoffs of police, the locals that were there to fight the fire, decided to loot the burned out factory.
  • The national guard attempted to reach the factory to help stop it, but the roads.

It’s just perfect to highlight what all goes wrong when capitalism for the poor and socialism for the rich come together. In this instance, even though it’s fiction, it’s good to see how big companies can suffer from their own mistakes.

Position On Time Travel / Travelers On NetFlix

My friends and I had a rather interesting conversation about time travel last week… well… every conversation I have with anyone about time travel is interesting.

I used to believe that it would be like Back To The Future I, where Marty has yet to go back in time to change his parents future. Like we are still on the original time line where we don’t know about time travel because its discovery hasn’t happened yet. I thought this for years. Time travel hasn’t happened yet so we’re still getting there.

Then I kinda flip flopped and changed my thinking to more align with what average people think about time travel… like it hasn’t happened yet so we know it’s not possible. Kinda like in Back To The Future II, Lost, and Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban. We can’t change things by going back in time because we would have already done so.

I am able to debate either way. I wasn’t 100% on either way and I’m still unsure. It make sense way 1 in which we haven’t reached in time where we have the ability to go back in time (the original timeline theory), but it also makes sense way 2 (we can’t change time because we would have already done so).


Over the weekend we binged watched Travelers on NetFlix (I HIGHLY recommend it). It was awesome but it got me thinking about time travel yet again. My issue with Travelers is that they take over someone’s body just as they’re about to die. Wouldn’t that change the future? To me it would create a paradox since that person didn’t die on that day or in that way so then the traveler couldn’t go back and take over that person. As the season progressed, their actions did have futuristic consequences like they intended; just not the desired outcome quite yet.

I’m optimistic about season 2 but we’ll have to wait until December I guess for a new season.

In the end I continue to remain on the fence about time travel… not that it’s not possible but that if it is, would something have already happened or are we just living the original time line?

I guess we’ll never know until we know?

Years Of Living Dangerously

I’m really excited that finally a network is giving some attention to our climate change problem. Showtime now has a series out, Years of Living Dangerously, which airs Sunday’s at 10PM.

The other week the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) shouted saying, “Hey guys! We have a problem here!” and no one was listening. And it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Instead places like Oklahoma, who is now making solar and wind more expensive.

One of the reasons I became a vegetarian was to help the planet. I also ride a scooter, recycle, put solar panels on my house, bought a Prius, bought an electric car, reuse as much as I can, etc to help the planet and reduce my carbon footprint.

I think with a little effort we can do amazing things. For instance why don’t we stop eating meat one or two days a week? Why don’t we plant some trees? Or get a pile of recyclables and take them somewhere if you can’t recycle at your house? I think little things that won’t change your lifestyle can make a difference.

If you have Showtime, make sure to catch Years of Living Dangerously. They have celebrities like Harrison Ford, Jessica Alba, Chris Hayes, and Michael C. Hall on there who go investigate climate change and its effect. It’s pretty cool. Check it out if you can.

This problem of climate change doesn’t and shouldn’t be political.

Dexter’s Ending: Not The Worst, But Almost

I know I’m not the first one to gripe, as I was griping through the entire season and last nights final episode. I’m just confounded beyond belief. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

Let’s start with the Titanic references:

  • When Dexter was saying bye to Harrison, it did sound like “it’s good bye for a little while, only for a little while”. What fathers said to their kids before the kids got on the lifeboats.
  • When Dexter put Deb in the ocean, it seemed like he was going to say “I’ll never let go, Deb, I’ll never let go”.

I don’t get Dexter leaving Harrison with Hannah. That’s like the last person he should be left with. First time Harrison talks back, the bitch will poison him. And why isn’t anyone looking for Harrison? Did they assume he went down with the ship like Dexter?

Didn’t Dexter sell his apartment? Didn’t he give his car to Astor? Didn’t he sell his boat? He was ready to leave a lot of loose ends before he left the country.

What about their stuff? Harrison’s never going to have all of Dexter and his belongings? What happened to the blood slides?

And a lumberjack? Seriously? What did they just throw darts on a dart board with random crappy ideas at the beginning of the season… Oka, Hannah’s back… oka, lumberjack… oka, Deb dies.

Dexter left too many characters hurt by his disappearance. There’s like no closure for that pain. Everyone just assumes he’s dead without ever knowing that he was a serial killer… I will give it this, at least it didn’t leave a lot of loose ends with the characters.

Elway’s asleep on a bus. Last of that awesome character.

Quinn is tore apart because of Deb.

And what about Deb’s body’s disappearance? No one is looking for the body? No one looked at the tapes and saw Dexter take the body?

I get it that Deb was Dexter’s last kill. I get that the whole lumberjack thing was his torture. He thinks that everyone in his life dies. He has no pain now; no nothing; he’s just a shell. Is that his punishment?

What I Would Have Liked To See

I wanted an ending where people found out about Dexter. I wanted an ending where Dexter died by the hands of Miami Metro via a shoot out or something. I wanted to see a semi-happy ending where, years later, Deb and Quin were married and raising Harrison. Where Astor and Codey were a part of their lives. Where Hannah was caught by Elway and he collected the reward. Where the Miami Metro department knew the truth… how some would praise Dexter as a hero and most as a villain. I wanted to see more cameo’s of past characters.

How I’m Imagining The Series Now

Like I said in an earlier Dexter post; the series ended right before the Rita death scene. Dexter and Rita meet and have a nice vacation together and Dexter continues being a hidden serial killer. Everyone’s happy. No one dies. It sucks that Deb doesn’t find “true love” and that Lundy died but hell… maybe I’ll imagine a season where Deb and Quin hook up and get married. I need to watch them again to complete this fantasy. Seasons 5-8 can be thrown away!

Series That Had Bad Endings

Big Love – In the history of all bad endings, Big Love takes the cake. Bill dies at the hands of his neighbor? Who the fuck saw that coming? And there was no closure with the other supporting characters. We never saw Wonda again or baby Joey… just some minor closure with the main characters… Still don’t understand how Margie could have taken a cruise 2 months after her husband dies but whatever. And her “dreams” weren’t reveled until that very last episode. They were in too quick of a hurry to wrap it up.

Series That Had Decent Endings

Frasier – I kinda liked it that he went to Chicago to find Laura Linney. It left me hopeful that he’d finally found love and happiness. It just sucked that he was far away from Martin, Niles, and Daphne. But I loved that Daphne and Niles had a kid. We never saw the other characters again though. No Lillith, no Fredrick, no Bulldog.

Lost – After rewatching it again and again, I like the ending. I just wish I knew more about how Hugo ran the island and if the plane made it safely to the main land. I know now that Jack dies which is probably for the best since he was a douche most of the time.

Series That Had Good Endings

Scrubs – Besides the “Scrubs 2.0” which was kinda funny; I thought they wrapped up Scrubs pretty well. It had a lot of closure. We saw a lot of the characters from before when J.D. walked out of the hospital for the last time. I thought it was nice. And it showed glimpses of their futures.

House – This TV show had an ending that everyone should take a lesson from: live your life. It was great that House faked his own death and that him and Wilson were riding motorcycles across the country together. It was a very happy ending and a good moral. We all need to live our lives more.

Monk – That show had an excellent ending. I loved the fact that they finally tied up the loose end with Trudy. I thought it was great that Trudy had an estranged daughter that Monk fell in love with (as a father). I loved the fact that he found that part of Trudy and how they basically lived happier ever after. He continued his detective work.


I’ve just finished watching one of HBO’s older shows, Oz, on HBO GO. It had six seasons. I’m seeing a lot of people I recognize. And the crazy thing is, they’re all in a bunch of the same shows. Here’s a list of people I recognize from each show.

Law & Order: SVU

  • J.K. Simmons (Doctor Emil Skoda)
  • Dean Winters (Detective Brian Cassidy)
  • B.D. Wong (Doctor George Huang)
  • Chris Meloni (Detective Elliot Stabler)
  • Philip Casnoff (special guest star in Pixies)


  • Harold Perrineau (Michael Dawson)
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko)
  • Lance Reddick (Matthew Abaddon)
  • Ken Leung (Miles Straume)


  • Lauren Velez (Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta)
  • David Zayas (Sargent Angel Batista)
  • Erik King (Sargent James Doakes)

Just kinda crazy. I thought I’d blog about it.


Finally tonight’s the night! Usually that’s for Dexter but tonight it’s TrueBlood. We’ve been waiting a year for this. WTF is going to happen? Last we left off some serious s**t went down. Obviously they’ve got to continue where they left off.

I’m also very excited to see the sexy Chris Meloni join the cast. I loved him when he was in SVU. It’ll also be great to see Denis O’Hare come back as the evil Russell Edgington.

This season should be awesome.

Quote From Bill Maher IV

Not trying to quote Bill Maher so much but he had another good rant on Overtime this week. The panel was talking about Michelle Duggar and her campaigning with Rick Santorum and how overpopulation is a lie. Bill Maher said it pretty well.

You know what it is? I hear this from people all the time. They say have you ever flown over the country and when you look down, there’s a lot of nothing? That’s true but that’s not the issue. It’s about resources. It’s true we could actually fit on the planet a lot more people but there’s not enough food and water for them. Especially now that China and India are eating meat and getting cars. We just can’t do it. We would need to like triple the population, we’d need like five more earths. Again this comes from scientists, it’s not in the Bible, it’s probably bull s**t.

Is it so bad that I think that the Duggars are sick and selfish? When people have so many kids, it makes me not want to have kids even more to try to decrease the population and make up for them being so selfish and procreating in such abundance. The earth can only handle so much.

How I’ll Get Through Dexter Season 6 +

Warning: Spoilers for those who haven’t seen Dexter season 4… none about season 6 episode 1 (aired last night).

I hated Dexter season 5 with a passion. The first episode of the season was alright it was just not the closure I was looking for. The end of season 4 left such a void and depression with Rita dying. Season 5 did little to nothing to bridge the gap of Dexter without Rita.

Therefore, I will convince myself that Dexter season 5 never happened. He never met that bitch, Lumen, or got tangled up in anything in that crazy, stupid season.

Here’s what I’m going to convince myself happened during the very end of season 4 to now:

  1. Rita didn’t die. Rita got tired of Dexter’s sneaking around and his not being a proper father to the kids.
  2. Rita decides to leave Dexter and take Astor and Cody (of whom we’ll probably never see again). She decides to let Dexter have Harrison in order for him to become a better father. Maybe she saw something evil in him?
  3. Dexter sells the house and moves back into his apartment.

Oh, and here’s a prediction that I’ve been saying all summer: Deb will find out about Dexter this season. There are subtle clues hidden among the previews that make me point to this happening.

Let’s hope it’s a great season. Yay! Dexter’s back!

Why Season 5 Of Dexter Sucks

I’ve been out of it for a few weeks since the election. It really hit me hard. An overwhelming sense of depression, helplessness, and hopelessness for our country. I haven’t tweeted or done anything social networky in weeks.

I wanted to blog about this before last week, but I was hoping last weeks episode of Dexter could have changed how I felt about the show. It didn’t really, despite the two somewhat shockers.

This season of Dexter has just sucked. I kept searching for Dexter in the news and found an article today, finally, verifying that there WILL BE a sixth season. I have mixed feelings about that considering how crappy this season has been, but it’s good to know that the stupid cop guy (the one who Quinn hired) will probably not be the one to take Dexter down.

So I’ve compiled a list of why this season sucks:

  • No personal relationship with the villain(s) – In season 1, it was Dexter’s bro which we found out at the end. In season 2, it was Dexter himself. In season 4, it was Trinity of whom we had a known relationship from the start. Maybe we’ll know more about the Jordan Chase people, but there’s only four episodes left…
  • No twists or shockers – With the exception of the last episode (a tiny bit).
  • No character building – Are we just learning about Lumen the whole time?
  • Little emotion shown by Dexter – At least the first episode there was sort of emotion. I did like when he covered Lumen’s ears though last episode.
  • Little Harry involvement – I can’t remember the last time Dexter talked to Harry. He doesn’t even have flashbacks or anything. At first I didn’t like the Harry/Dexter talking, but now it’s an important part of the show.
  • Little time’s going by – So I guess we’re only like a month after Rita’s death? Shouldn’t Dexter still be grieving? Shouldn’t anyone still be grieving?
  • No one knows Dexter’s secret – Strike that now. Lumen knows but it wasn’t a shocker.
  • No cliffhangers – I hate cliffhangers to begin with, but this season has nothing. Maybe with the exception of last episode. There’s been nothing that makes me want to scream or tweet. Not Dexter like at all if you’ve seen any episode.
  • Previews don’t make me want to tune in – Seriously, I’m not thrilled like I was last season with previews. They don’t show anything that really make me want to watch or get me on the edge of my seat or wanting it to be Sunday even when it’s Friday night.
  • Julia Stiles takes away – Is it just me or does her acting suck? She was so good in10 Things I Hate About You.
  • Little problems get solved right away – Like with Laguerta’s money… solved by the end of the episode. Nothing’s lingering or coming back to haunt anyone.
  • No explanation of little things that matter – Like the dude Dexter killed in the first episode… what happened with that? Did he really clean up the body, clean up the blood, shower, change clothes, and get to the funeral that quickly? I still don’t understand why Paul’s parents (let alone anyone) weren’t at Paul’s funeral in season 2.
  • A nobody has gotten closer to Dexters secret than anyone else – Even Doakes didn’t get THAT close. Who the hell is this character of whom we know nothing about and who has nothing to do with any of the other characters. That blows.

Quote From Bill Maher III

I probably have better things to blog about like the email I just got and had to reply and debunk, but Bill Maher had a rant which I felt needs to be said more (though not verbatim). He was talking about Virginia Thomas and that whole message thing, but it morphed into talking about Citizens United.

Because of the Supreme Court decision last year, which her husband ruled on, which basically negated McCain Feingold, in all this secret money in checks they say up to twenty million dollars from hedge fund managers, from fat cats; and people don’t know where it’s coming from. It’s coming into this election. This is a giant scandal which of course people don’t care about anymore than they care about Darfur because it’s not on Dancing With The Stars.

The Tea Party likes to coin the phrase “Wake Up America”, I think it’s true. But America needs to actually wake up to the corruption and propaganda and anything else they actually believe from an email, Fox News, or from a 30 second commercial. They need to stop watching their reality TV and get back to their actual reality and fact check and do research into their candidates before blindly voting. There’s so much unchecked money going into this election, and it’s not going to stop. Republican candidates don’t even care who’s putting up propaganda to attack their opponent, just so long as they win.

To try to encourage more turn out at the polls next week, I’ll be blogging my long list of achievements Obama and this Democratic controlled Congress has had over the past two years. They have been the most productive Congress since the 1960’s.

Done With VHS

I wanted to watch one of the movies I had on VHS the other night. It turns out my VCR I had since I was like 14 had died. I’m not 100% sure it was the VCR but it’s not like I can go buy a new one.

In light of this I have decided my VHS days are over. I have quite a few movies on VHS I have to rebuy on DVD. I hate that. One of the reasons I don’t want to buy a blu ray player. It’s pretty not cool that we have to keep buying the same movie over and over because they switch formats. I’m glad one format won in the blu ray vs HD war.

Anyway, here’s a list of all the movies I had on VHS. I’ll probably try to sell all of them for like $20 on craigslist or something this next week.

  • Star Wars Trilogy (originals, episodes 4-6)
  • Star Wars Trilogy (digitally remastered, special edition, episodes 4-6)
  • Planet Of The Apes (old, all movies, movies 1-5)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (old, all movies, movies 1-3)
  • Indiana Jones, Raiders Of The Lost Ark
  • Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade
  • Isn’t She Great
  • Niles Loves Daphne (a tape I made with all the great moments of Frasier and Niles & Daphne)
  • mini tape to VHS adapter (for my old camcorder)
  • a head cleaner (LOL, remember those?)
  • Not Another Teen Movie
  • Drowning Mona (the movie I wanted to watch)
  • Jurassic Park
  • Fatal Attraction
  • Ordinary Decent Criminal
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Big Business
  • Clue (already bought DVD)
  • Bad Company
  • Dick
  • Mr. Holland’s Opus
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • 9 To 5
  • Driving Miss Daisy
  • The X Files (movie, first one)
  • South Park Bigger, Longer, & Uncut
  • Junior
  • What Lies Beneath
  • Presumed Innocent
  • Austin Powers (first one)
  • X Men (first one)
  • Last Action Hero
  • The Sting
  • Grumpy Old Men (first one)

Ahh, VHS. You were so good to me. I don’t have any way to record shows now… not like I have done it in years. On Demand has covered me in that department. We don’t have TiVo or DVR or whatever. But, I guess I won’t miss you.

Verizon FiOS Destruction

That Comcast commercial is completely true. FiOS really does do a lot of destruction when installing their crappy service. I blogged about this when I got FiOS installed.

A bunch of friends and I were up for a movie the other weekend but FiOS OnDemand was down. This was at like 11:00 PM on a Saturday night. Like prime time for watching a movie. We called them up and they said they were doing maintenance… on a Saturday night. FAIL.

Our HD box has also been finiky. It’s pretty slow. You have to be very delicate when choosing menu options. For instance, I can’t go down to Recently Viewed stuff or else it will freeze. If I want to see something I stopped earlier, I have to navigate back to where I found it. FAIL.

Anyway, the main reason I’m blogging is because FiOS totally screws up the streets. I saw their van a few months ago installing their crappy service on Broadwood Drive in Rockville (a street that I commute on). They had to navigate traffic around their crappy little cones in order to drill the street to lay their crappy wiring. I should have called then but I thought they’d actually clean up their mess.

When I take my scooter on this road, there are bumps everywhere and uneven pavement. There’s even a place really bad where I have to completely slow down. It’s like a reverse speed bump. The scooter doesn’t like it. Neither does the Camaro.

So I finally thought about calling them the other day. I thought they were going to hang up on me but surprisingly, they created a ticket for it. I had to give them all my Verizon account information. Not sure why they needed that but whatever.

They called me back the next day and basically said it wasn’t their problem. The city of Rockville had to fix it even though they were the ones who installed it! My tax dollars going to another greedy corporation for stuff that THEY’RE responsible for fixing. It’s like the oil rig explosion in the golf… except this is 2,398,438 times worse… just kidding.

Quickie Quote From Bill Maher II

Bill Maher said something last week that was 100% true. Too long for twitter…

“You ever watch House or Gray’s Anatomy? It’s like ten or twelve doctors for just you. All they do is treat you and then they go home and fuck each other and think about you. That’s the fantasy.”

Makes a strong case for watching Nurse Jackie instead of House.