Vegetarian For A Week — Results

So I went a week without eating a single piece of meat… sorry Bri.

The results were fine. I lost two pounds. Some of it was really difficult, but I managed. And I did stay away from meat that I normally love to have.

Some meals included:

  • Spaghetti with sauce and bread (had once)
  • The pipe noodles with cheese, bread (had this twice)
  • Panara cheese and broccoli soup bread bowl (had this twice)
  • Grilled cheese and corn (had once)
  • Pancakes, eggs, and biscuits (had once)

The hard parts:

  • Eating spaghetti with no meat
  • Being very picky as to where to go out to eat (ate at Panara and Bob Evans)
  • Scrapping the toppings off the meat lovers pizza at work
  • Not eating chicken that Monique brought in for lunch
  • Not eating the same meal as Brian

The good parts:

  • Sauce and bread
  • Panera
  • Caramel frapuchinos

It was a pretty positive experience for me. I never really ran out of food ideas because I was always willing to just eat a vegetable and something else small. And I wasn’t craving meat during or after.

My first meal on Sunday consisted of BK’s breakfast burrito which I love. We also did steaks that night. I really did miss meat but I never like craved it. Shawns steak after a week without meat was the best, though!

This experience probably did change me a little. I noticed I don’t eat as much meat now, since we had ribs last night and I didn’t eat them all. Bri and I will probably eat more sea food now, like shrimp and fish. Being away from fast food probably did my body good, too.

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  1. Ricky and I are more vegetarian leaning lately. It’s been a good transition! What made you decide to give it a go for a week?

  2. Actually, it was your blog post that encouraged me to do it. Brian didn’t do it though, so it was pretty hard when he wanted hamburgers and I wanted something else.

    It was pretty fun, actually. I felt special. You’re totally right, by the way, cutting back on meat really does help you loose weight!

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