Found A Bug

I found a bug in GTA San Andreas.

Other than the obvious you can get yourself caught and can’t move on the sides of cliffs (come on, I can imagine what a headache it is to program something like that), there’s this new way I found of getting unlimited ammo for your SMG for free! I’m not sure if it works for all of them, but all I did was go into the Ammunation in San Fierro and go to the shooting range. I canceled out of that via Y (before you shoot). When it loaded back to the Ammunation store, whatever SMG ammo I had doubled! I started out with 0-2 SMG ammo, it went up to 0-4. I ended up with 4128-50 or whatever. Of course, after a while it doesn’t keep track of how much ammo you have left. Pretty cool bug, tell your friends if they still play this game.

Why Is This?

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