2009 Resolutions Update II

Here’s the whole list from the previous post as well:

  • Be more soft spoken, tone it down a bit and watch what I say (done, slipping but still that most of the time)
  • Have more parties/go to more parties (I’m pretty social, need to host more parties though)
  • Don’t feel the need to say how I feel all the time
  • Get PHP certified (April 25 I received my PHP Certification)
  • Get at least 1,000 quotes next year (I might make it)
  • See Aunt Ruth and Aunt Janet more (once my dad’s stuff is worked out my weekends will be free again)
  • Get over some things that bother me
  • Keep off the 10 pounds I just lost (currently weigh 150), be healthier and eat healthier (I weigh 148, cutting back on meat and never eating until you’re full is the key)
  • Treat Brian and Candi better (always a resolution)
  • Do something good for the environment or humanity (starting to commute to work on an electric scooter but this is not enough)
  • Buy a house
  • Buy a new Prius
  • Get Candi off the cone (poor puppy) (really wish I could mark this one off)
  • Settle my Dad’s estate (not in my control) (done a little, need to order and sell Dad’s house then I’d mark this one off)
  • See a doctor and dentist (seeing a doctor in August, saw the dentist)
  • Plant grass
  • Buy a grill
  • Buy a lawn mower
  • Buy a plasma TV for downstairs (not really a goal anymore)
  • Buy a sound system for downstairs (not really a goal anymore)
  • Buy another TV for the bedroom (not really a goal anymore)
  • Build a garage (in progress, check out flickr for pictures)
  • Paint the basement (not really a goal anymore)
  • Paint the bathroom (not really a goal anymore)
  • Get insurance, tags, title for the Dodge Ram (problem is actually using the truck, it’s just sitting now taking up space)
  • Get the Camero painted AND fixed (it broke, needs some work)
  • Have a house warming party (a successful party)

So I’ll go rogue a little and get something off my mind. I don’t want this to be a depressing post but I sometimes get these waves of obsession where I can’t stop thinking of an old friend I used to hang out with. The last few times we hung out I don’t think it went so well or whatever. He doesn’t talk to me and I don’t talk to him. He’s got other friends and so do I. So many things I just want to say to him to kind of get it off my chest so to speak but I know if I do he’d probably not care. I just need to get over it. He doesn’t want to hang out or anything, he doesn’t invite me anywhere though I reach out to him sometimes. I guess I just want him to miss me like I miss him sometimes. I want him to know that I am enjoying my life as I’m sure he’s enjoying his. However I just miss him and wish things went differently so I could be a part of his life. Just part of me wants to say this.

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