How I’ll Get Through Dexter Season 6 +

Warning: Spoilers for those who haven’t seen Dexter season 4… none about season 6 episode 1 (aired last night).

I hated Dexter season 5 with a passion. The first episode of the season was alright it was just not the closure I was looking for. The end of season 4 left such a void and depression with Rita dying. Season 5 did little to nothing to bridge the gap of Dexter without Rita.

Therefore, I will convince myself that Dexter season 5 never happened. He never met that bitch, Lumen, or got tangled up in anything in that crazy, stupid season.

Here’s what I’m going to convince myself happened during the very end of season 4 to now:

  1. Rita didn’t die. Rita got tired of Dexter’s sneaking around and his not being a proper father to the kids.
  2. Rita decides to leave Dexter and take Astor and Cody (of whom we’ll probably never see again). She decides to let Dexter have Harrison in order for him to become a better father. Maybe she saw something evil in him?
  3. Dexter sells the house and moves back into his apartment.

Oh, and here’s a prediction that I’ve been saying all summer: Deb will find out about Dexter this season. There are subtle clues hidden among the previews that make me point to this happening.

Let’s hope it’s a great season. Yay! Dexter’s back!

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