The Tale Of Valentine’s Day 2014

I’m not a big believer in valentines day. I let Bri off the hook and tell him not to do anything. It’s a silly holiday, in my opinion.

However this valentine’s day was very different. Bri wanted to surprise me, and that he did.

On Tuesday night Bri went to the store to get groceries. He came home, I unpacked the groceries. Bri then told me to go into Wiki’s room for a few minutes. When he was done, I walked out to find this:

flowers with a note; see note text below

The note reads:

My love,

I wanted to give you a little bit of the beauty you give me everyday.

Love you always

Bri Bri

I brought the flowers into work the next day. Everyone loved them, as usual. Bri gets me flowers about once every other month. My coworkers get jealous and Bri loves hearing stories about what my coworkers say about them.

I thought it was over from there, but I was wrong. The best was yet to come.

I had been experiencing vertigo for a few days where I’d get disoriented when I tilted my head. We finally went to the doctor about it. (It’s nothing, I should be fine.)

When we got out of the doctors, Bri got something from his trunk:

a bear with a note; see note text below

The note reads:

My Dearest Janny

You give me so much love, I can’t return it all myself. This guy is here to help me return some of the love you show me everyday.


Bri Bri

We decided to go to Carrabbas since we hadn’t been there in a while for dinner. He got something out of his car when we got to the restaurant.

I ordered a drink for him and myself. He came to the table and asked me a question: “small, medium, or large”. I was hoping it wasn’t food since I’ve been on a diet for a little while now… I said “small”.

It wasn’t food, it was a hat:

A hat with a note in it

In fact, it’s a headphone hat. A few days prior, we went for a walk and my ear buds kept falling out. Bri had gotten me a hat with headphones in it. (I had one before but our cat chewed the cord.)

The note inside the hat read:

My Dearest Janny

I hope this can keep you warm during the day because you keep me warm every night.


Bri Bri

Hat with note

Once our main course arrived, Bri got out another surprise for me.

He got me what I had been wanting for a few weeks but was too afraid to buy. Some friends of ours have Up bracelets which tracks their sleep, their water, how much they’ve walked, etc. I’ve been wanting one for a few weeks but couldn’t find the right one. The reviews online were bad.

Bri had done his own research and got me one that had better reviews. It’s called Fitbit Flex:

My fitbit flex on my wrist

The app for fitbit flex

It was one of the most amazing gifts. I can’t wait to use more of it. It should definitely help my progress in getting more in shape.

The last gift came after dinner:

A jewelry box

Now anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like jewelry. I don’t wear rings or anything. Bri later said I had a look of horror on my face when he presented this jewelry box to me.

I was thinking, “Oh, great. Another piece of jewelry I’m going to have to pretend to like and never wear.” But I was wrong:

The jewelry box contained a note and two keys

TESLA KEYS! He had them made!

When I bought the Tesla it only came with one key. We went to Tesla to get two more keys. They were able to make the keys but not cut them. It had been on my to do list for months to find a locksmith to get the keys cut since Tesla didn’t do it. (Model S keys aren’t keys; only Roadster keys are actual keys.)

The note inside read:

My Dearest Janny

You are the key to my happiness, so I hope these keys can return some of the happiness you give everydday.


Bri Bri

Tesla keys and the note

I have the sweetest husband. I love him so much.


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  1. WOW…I am speech-less….You certainly have the coolest husband. You both are truly lucky to have found each other!!!! Happy “V” Day honey :)

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