Random Thoughts 3/19/08

  • Charger needs to be sold. If not $30k for a basically brand new car, then what? I guess I’ll start at a bottom like $24k or something no reserve.
  • The mind is funny. I like the fact that I worried all weekend on whether or not my one friend enjoyed it over my place rather than all the stress I’m currently going through.
  • I don’t like how WordPress seems to get PMS. It won’t let me add categories so I have to do it manually through MySQL.
  • I’m glad I’m not paying attention to this stupid election. Obama seems to be making mistakes or something.
  • I’d rather get paid less and enjoy some times at work than be paid more and it feel like I’m dead. It’s a morgue in here.
  • Can’t I just play GTA all day? What awesome graphics in GTA 4. Can’t wait!
  • My ING account which earns 3% interest is still 3 times the national average. Still, should have gone with ETrade.
  • I need to shop and get a business card holder for all these cards I’m accumulating.
  • Idiotic headlines, “Global Warming Blamed For Earlier Spring, Studies Find”. Duh!
  • I look forward to weekends again! Thanks boring ass job!
  • Some side projects to come.
Ode To Ernie
Why Is This?


  1. Wait. what mistakes? Are you believing the stupid soundbyte spinning crap the MSM is feeding about his speech yesterday?

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